A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 18) Finally I ended with you !!!!


Chapter – Finally I ended with you !!!!

Our epi starts with Abhi leaving herwhirled with a little smile.She starts feeling dizzy as he whirled hard.She stops and says “This..why he is doing this.?? And he said what?? Yes …to search him..”.She starts seaching all places.She hears his guitar sound and follows the sound.She entered with a great smile and sees the speakers all over the room.She sits sad and hears”Yahin hoon mein… yahin hoon mein …”(Yes my Ayushman’s song…from yahin hoo, mein!!).She then starts searching again with a joy.She finds a shadow and starts following it.She then realises its not shadow of him and sits sad.She says “Why he is doing this??”.

And sees a note straight to her.She reads it “To surprise you fuggi!!”.

She gets surprised and says “That means …he is here…!! Around me??”.

She turns around and sees everywhere but cant find him.She says “This..?? How I will call him…Ok Thus Rockstar is …”and stops thinking

“Wait …he should be hearing this also!!”.She then gets into a big hall which was really dark and scary.She walks slowly and wipes her face as she is sweating now with fear.She thinks to escape from there but god she lost her way.She gets scared and gulps thinking “This Rockstar ..it doesnt seem to be a surprise…Instead he is going to give me a heart attack!!”.She stood still as she felt someone’s breath near her…She felt someone dragging her from there holding her hand in one hand and his another hand over her waist.She closes her eyes as she felt every feeling at a time…scared..nervous…Once she opened her eyes she saw herself out of the scary hell and a note sticked in her hand.

She reads “Scared??!” She makes herself out of that fear and hears again!!(Ofcourse Yahin hoon mein).She gets an idea and runs.The song stops suddenly and he starts saying “Tired of searching?? Its ok …I just want to say something important infront of all…”.She gets tensed thinking

“No!! He should not do this…I should see his eyes while he saying this!!

Abhi gets shocked as the power gone suddenly and says “What the h…!!
is happening…how did the power gone!!??”.He calls someone and asks.

He suddenly thinks something and runs towards the mainboard.He sees her smiling.She says to herself “Maa!! You are the best…Still you are helping me with your wonderfull idea!!”(God!! I forgot to say…the total family had a habit to switching off the main board!! Her mom..she…her sisters.. just everyone ).

Abhi looking at her angrily. She sees him and laughs.

she comes closer other and asks ” Is this a joke to you??!!”.She steps back with small fear and says ” No…I was just…” and gulps as she found him damn anger.He starts

scolding but before him she starts saying closing her eyes “see (suniye) …I don’t want you to say anything important infront of all!!! You think it will impress me???

OK !! Many girls will like me it…but to me…its no need to express our things to all..And Don’t feel bad pls…I don’t want you to hurt ur feelings or…any ideas of yours…But I just want you to confess to me eye to eye!!” .She breathes heavy as she told this everything in a single breath just in anxious .She straightens her head to see his face.He stands there astonished and gives her a. ” unbelievable” look.He realises that she is staring
him and comes out from his shock.He thinks ” This fuggi na??? Full of surprise package!!! I can’t believe she is indirecly telling the idea how to confess her!!??

Really!! My mind is totally blank now!!”.She sees him shocked and gives the fuse to him.

She points the main board to place the fuse in its place and goes from there.While Abhi sees her and the fuse again and again confused.He then switched on the main board and runs towards her.She meanwhile thinking” What I will do if he confesses his feelings!! I can’t control myself from accepting it…but Ma??? “.She consoles herself and says ” If I inform ma…she would never say no…infact she will be happy for me!! Just I have to talk with her once about this rockstar…”.She giggles as she reminiscences his reaction when she gave the fuse.She turns to see where is he? He came running and stands before her…She expects him to confess and Stares him.While he still in confusion .She waits for a couple of minutes for him but soon his silence irritated her( of course how long she will wait…Who told him to plan for her…now not even opening his mouth).

She now gives him an angry look and goes.Abhi seeing somewhere tthinking sees her going runs behind her ” Heyl wait!!”.She stops and looks him angrily.

He says ” What now??? You have spoiled all my plans and now?? Angry ??

and on me???”.and gives her an ” unbelievable ” look.She sees him worried and thinks ” oh …that’s true…I spoiled his plans…and should not be angry like this…

llet him say…” and sees him patiently. He sees her and says ” Fuggi!! You made me mood off…and I can’t feel anything now…”.She gets anger and walks towards him saying” What !!?? You are not having mood to say?? You…you keep those things yourself!!! I am going !!”.He holds her hand and pulls harder near him.He hugs her from back covering her shoulder. While she stood still there with her eyes widened.

She opens her mouth ” W..what…” She hears a deep sound from his mouth near her ear “ssshhh!”.He starts saying ” You must control your anger Fuggi!!!”.

He makes her sit and takes his guitar near him.Still she in tensed and damn shocked (Even I too!!!) He gives the guitar to her and holds his hand with her’s…He plays some lovely notes and soon its tune changed as …the beginning guitar tune …in ashique 2 .. Chahun mein aana songs guitar notes… She starts enjoying with smile of wonderful Shy in it…Slowly he says the following lines with his guitar notes (Like our sharukh khan’s Jab tak hei jaan poem …) with his deep voice…

Abhi: You are an amusement in my eyes…how about me for you…I always wondered about my future life…Finally I ended with you!! I know you for very few days…but I know your great secret…!!

She widens her eyes and looks him lifting her head up and gives him a puzzled look. He ignores her look and draws her more closer and starts saying…” What are you!! You made me to go crazy for you…and left my department and changed my class to be with you…and see you always!!”.She again tries to give him a damn shocked look Abut he keeps his head on her’s tightly so that she can’t move while he talking.He continues after taking a deep breath .Both see the sky now.

He continues ” I know your big secret Fuggi!!! On our first day interview??

You remember??”.She gets damn shocked and says ” You…you were watching me??”.He gives a mild deep smile over his lips and says ” What you think???”.She hears his little laughing sound and closes her eyes in eembarrassment. He continues ” And you tried to talk in classroom to get apologize…”.(Oh…!! God!! She is going to die in embarrassments…!!! Why he is doing this!!!).She gets teary eyed and says ” You were noticing everything??”.He says ” No…only my Fuggi!!”.

She asks in hesitant voice..” Why you did that…you could ignored me..”

He says ” Hmmm…yeah I could have ignored you ..But why??…You say…why you always seeing me with such surprised eyes!??”.

She closes her eyes and thinks ” No…I should not say this to him…

He knew everything.. And pretended… I”.and says ” Don’t know I just…” But soon he stops her words saying” Its OK no need to say…”

Both shared some sweet moments together… …

Let them talk!!

And how is this friends??? If you expect more…just let me know…so that I can write more in their present meeting!!

Credit to: Hateera

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  1. So amazing!!???? I was again restless waiting for ur epi and now restless after reading todays one. The scenes that u wrote for Abhi and Pragya are just too awesome!! I think i will read again to feel the scenes again!???

  2. You r a genius yaar superb go head

  3. amazing yaar really awesome

  4. it was super se upar yr you driven me crazy today the full episode every single line was amazing every dilouge every scene i visualised every thing it was superb you are seriously an awesome writer yr seriously it was about 4560 words yes i counted them because i was reading it then i felt i should read it again but unfortunately i have to go out for some work and i am having broadband connection so i cant take the internet with mee lolz so i copied it in one note in my mobile and seriously you wont believe i have read it four times after Somiya and Maya yours is the one whose episode i have read twice seriously i am not telling a lie yr and see in happiness i have started blabbering also gosh now i have to go please update the next part soon 🙂

  5. Reshma Pradeep

    Wowwwwwww……… Its Amazing yaar……….

  6. Superb hateera
    The suspense was cute..

  7. Its damn Awesome crazy girl???

  8. Dude, This is so not fair. U have given pause in a beautiful scene ?. Main board scene, ? scene, songs ething looks sweet. Waiting fa the next one. Hope there will a good romance of ? abhigya. Started imagining ??

  9. Nice pa! Give more

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  11. omg wat to say dr I really dont know how much pragya is crazy fr abhi but I am vrrrry crazy fr ur writings u build my world tht FINALLY U R THE ONE my gosh its suits it damnlyyyyy wat to tell speechless yaar if at all u r infront of me know u would hv suffocated by my bone crush hug I cant praise u more bcoz words r really not enough fr u making us more restless more abhigya romance hope u vil gv it soon

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