A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 17) You are the One!!


Chapter -You are The One!!

Our epi starts with Abhi looks her and waves his hand. While she emotionally smiles and thinks “I am feeling my heart paining more…seeing you are far from me now!! I was just mad..and told you to not come!!”.He smiles and wonders thinking “This is a wonderful feeling!!! Though she is leaving…but I can surely say one thing!! You are the one for me Fuggi!!”.While she thinks”I don’t know how you would think me…but You…are the One!!”. She wipes her tears smiling and he sits in a bench as his energy is exhausted.He smiles a little and looks the track as the train went “Come soon Fuggi!! I cant wait now…”. She sits near window and sees the moon.Both think their moments…their first meeting…their funny hide and seek games.. She calls bulbul and asks “How is mom bulbul??”.She smiles little as she hears that her mom is out of danger now.She thanks God and prays.Here Abhi comes to his room and thinks how to confess her.He sees his guitar and starts playing it.He thinks “How to spend the left days …without her?? “.He feels bad and says to himself “Dont worry Abhi!! Just 2 or 3 days…she will return”. He comes on day 1 and feels the whole class “A tragedy!!”.The lecturer’s voice echoed his ears as irritating noise.He thinks “How can this Fuggi take the notes?? I cant even tolerate thus!!”.

Day 2 : He makes some rockets and thinks of throwing it!! As usual he was sent out!! He came out with a great joy!! and passes the time by roaming here and there.

Day 3: He starts feeling very bad.He thinks to do something and escape from the class room.Just then a circular comes..as there is Intercollege competetions.He gets curious and gets an idea to confess her.He starts practicing in evening..night…next day… She comes to the college after two days and gets surprises to see the competetions happening there.She starts walking with her both eyes searching something.While Abhi about to cross her way sees her coming stops noticing her.He smiles seeing her searching him. He suddenly stands infront shocking her to the core.He smiles a mocking smile saying “Searching me??”.She hides her smile and manages saying “No..I …I was seeing the competitions..happening ..”.He gets closer to her and says lifting up his left eyebrow “Oh Really!!???”.She smiles and goes from there.But he drags her and goes near a wall.He locks her against wall and keeps his hand both sides.She gets nervous and says “Please let me go!”.He gets closer and she closes her eyes in shy. He then asks in her ears in a husky voice “Is mom ok??”.She gets surprised and stares his smile over her.She now without any hesitation Looks into his eyes and sees him lovingly.He asks “Alright??” .She comes out from her shock and says “Yes..fine..mom…” and tries to go. But he again locks her and asks “So..you are not searching me ??”. She hesitantly nods as no.He then says “Then !! I have to say you something very important!!”.She gets surprised and asks “What??”. He Forwards his hand pointing her to offer her hand.She holds his hand smilingly .He then whirls her saying “I just…want you …” Now he starts to whirl her fast and says “You to search me for that!!”.He leave her and vanishes from there before she looks him.She wonders “Where he gone??”. She recalls him saying “Search me!!”.And starts searching him.

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Credit to: Hateera

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  1. Hateera you rock..
    Seriously search me tells a lot…..
    Waiting for the next episode..

    1. Omg!! Replied 5.47 am…ha ha ..its my midnight!! How lovely!!
      Love u..u guys are awesome!!

  2. Wow….superb…pls update large episode next time….pls update next episode today itself…

    1. I can understand how restless u will ne..but we have to bear it baby!!

  3. Hi there this will be one of my favorite episode Abhigya thoughts and lock scenes were supa. ur rocking it muahhh ??. Please update today’s boost

    1. Ha…my deary.,…so happy to see ur comment…but its little..but that’s ok!! I too giving little epis na..

    1. Zari!! A single word reply? its not fair…but Happy u replied!!

  4. Oooooooo Hateeera seriously loved this episode yr and the way u wrote it super duper hit hai boss ??????

    1. Thanks surbhi!!
      Felt happy..coz..u said about my writing too…Love u…keep reading!! Sorry…
      Keep feeling the epis….

      1. of course i will yr because i have read your every episode and felt it and seriously i didnt said to you reveal the suspense that why Pragya didnt remember Abhi because i dont want to know the reason i just want to feel your story and one more reason is there that i love suspense stories yr and by the way from day one i like this story because it seems very realistic yr 😉 🙂

  5. omg omg dr u r just simply superb nd pragya searching fr abhi is soooo sweet You r the one is really mindblowing superb duper hit hai dr tht SEARCH ME is really surprising dr ur just IMPOSSIBLE

    1. Ha ha…really happy u are enjoying those scenes…I can imagine those smiles on the readers face…

  6. Wowwwwwww……. Its Awesome…….

    1. Ha ha…thank u soooo much fa the reply..and keep enjoying dear..

  7. Precap:

    She runs seeing shadow and sits sad as its not his… and gets scared seeing the darkness in room..and says “Why he is doing this ??”
    she sees a note straight to her and reads with difficulty (as its dark)
    “To surprise u fuggi!!”.(Said that note)

  8. Ohhhh gpd it’s really amazing n superb superb superb superb yaar really I loved it a lotttttt

    1. ? Happy to see ur comments..how many superb!! Wow…I really happy

  9. super…

    1. Another single word comment…but sure next epi will make u feel to write more?

    1. And shriti,….sure..u too..will write more in next comment,.I will try ma best…

  10. Amazing episode Hateera when I saw your ff it brought a bright smile on my face I liked your way writing keep it up

    1. Keep smiling dear !!?

  11. its really really awesome dr……

    1. Thanks fa supporting tharu sweetheart!!

  12. Superb! Just only read todays episode and i was just feeling and visualizing whatever u have written…??

    1. Its ok dear!! Felt happy to see your comment!!

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