A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 14) (Every Episodes make u Restless!!!)


Our episode starts with Abhi entering her cabin and sees her reading some file.He walks in with a little smile and sees her still not seen him. He coughs slightly in order to get her attention. He thought “Sure…if she is angry …she will definitely go out…as she can’t insult me…and if she is not I can expect a lot from her…as We are meeting after a long time…wait!! It is just a year went…why I felt almost my life is going to end???…”.He with his more expectations looks into her eyes.She stands seeing him and immediately offers her hand for a gentle shake hands!!! saying”Hello sir..”.His face expressions vanished at once and looks her impassive.While she widening her eyes as he still doesn’t give his hand.He comes out the shock and gives her shake hands saying “Hiii…??” and expects her to say “Your Fuggi!!”.

To his great suprise her smile expressed a very formal expressions as of she feels him completely a stranger!!!.He understood that she is still angry and sees her starts saying her name.She smiles a little and says “Its..”.Suddenly he stops her and says “Wait!! Don’t tell your name..”

He still expects any reactions from her face that tells him even she is angry…But she gets puzzled and asks “Why???” as he asked her not to tell her name.His heart feels a mild shock asking him “Is she acting???? Or really forgot me and…No!!! I can’t think like that!!! Sure…

It can’t happen!!! Right …I can swear she is acting!!! Yes…but Those eyes????”.She gets confused seeing his behaviour and asks”Is everything ok??”.

He sees her with much distrust ..pain …as asking “Have you forgot me???” by his eyes.He with his scattered heart utters some words “Can’t..you remember me???”.She gets shocked and surprised.

He sees her eyes and understands that Its definitely not acting…He just ignores her and starts walking out with teary eyes leaving her confused.While she thinks”What he just asked??? Remember him?? He knows me??? But how???”.She gets worried and looks towards the door.Abhi walking out the building meanwhile asking a lot of questions to himself. The same thought whirled around his mind…

He sits in his car.While Pragya gets tensed about his behaviour and comes out to ask him what’s the matter.

She walks fast to the entrance and sees his car vanishing within few seconds.She stands worried.Abhi driving his car fast.His eyes fills with tears and he thinks “No…No …It can’t happen …how can she forgot…something happened…as I didn’t find her acting…orrr…” .He stops the car suddenly and wonders “Else …her acting skills improved??

In my absence??”.He gives a little smile over the edge of his lips and says “Fuggi!!! Now you can see…This Rockstar’s performance”. He thinks to go back to her office.But soon he stops himself thinking” She must have thought I believe her acting…Never!!! I should make her believe like that…and will give her a sweet shock”.He with his wide smile says “You can act like changed…But I know you are always my Fuggi!!”.


Hope u liked it!!!

And sorry …please forgive fa not replying…

As I am updating this in travelling…

My mobile too gonna be dead soon…

Sure….I hope u all found that new twist….

But keep yourself ready fa the tragedy…

It will be out at right time…

And dudes…I wanna know ur thoughts about

“Love” and “First Love”

What’s the main things differ from each…

Let me know ur views….

Waiting eagerly…

Love u all my deary buddies fa those lovely comments!!!

Credit to: Hateera

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  1. The episode was classy hateera..
    Upload soon…
    Hope you have a great travel

  2. Intriguing as always!?

  3. Hahaii!! Its like their seems to be a new twist. Eargerly waiting fa the next one.
    Happy tripping

  4. Superb yaar… Nice plzzzz update nxt part soon I’m eagerly waiting now I can’t control my patience plzzzz update soon… Thn title s rocking… Keep rocking

  5. Wow hateera as usual you rocked….

    Well love and first love are same,do you want to know how? I don’t believe in both ??? lol…. Sorry but i don’t believe in love that’s alll

  6. Its Superb….. Especially Abhi’s Reaction……… Eagerly waiting for read the next one………..& Ur question…..Love & First love…….Actually I don’t know Yaar……Bcoz I don’t believe in Love…..
    In my view, Love is Eternal only in stories…… Not in real life…….Anyway, I loved Ur Episode Soooo much…….??????

  7. Superb Hateera….????

    Coming to love I think its a precious feeling… I want to experience it in future..???

  8. nice ya.

  9. hey hatee dr asusal i am feeling restless aft reading urs so pls upd soon dr & dr i think u used to read a lot of moral stories in ur childhood as always at the end of ur epi u used to give some moral na haha… just joking dr so don’t get irked haan by the way dear according to me love&first love r same as love happens just once in life so i won’t love bcoz if i love a person thn none oth than him can become my lifepartner&my fam per will not accept my love so finally pain will remain in my whole life so we can better love our lifepartner as thn our life will be filled with love&only love

  10. sry dr 4r the late cmd.u always rocking yar.i hope u have grt journey.here my ans…
    i dont know diff btw love&firstlove…love is a beautiful feeling in this world.i trust in love but i dont fall in love.still i am single…if i commeted to anyone,my parents only hurts alot.so i dont like that.in future i wish i have a sweet life partner like ur ff hero.then my life fully filled with LOVE LOVE HAPPY LOVE……i truely trust in love.so sure one day this happen in real….

  11. hateera wat happen to u.eagerly waiting for ur next one i miss u…..

  12. hai hateera wat happen to u.i am badly miss u dr….

  13. That happened when tanu destroyed abhi,s guitar in other to provoke him to stop pragya from attending the nite musical show. Please help with that update

  14. Did they succeed in setting iphone pragya

  15. Hey hateera wat hapn yaar pls update nxt episode waiting eagerly

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