A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 13)


Our episode starts after we come out from flashback…

(Thank god…now we can see them together …)

Abhi holding his pendent in car and smiling.He with

a great joy flying in air.While reaching the institute

he sees the institute with a great pride in his heart.

He thinks “My Fuggi…Runs this institute??? Still

I can’t believe this…I will see her face now!!!

My one year searching ends here…”.He goes in

and asks a man about her office.He shows a way.

Abhi runs fast while other staff in the office recognised him

and follows him in a great excitement.Soon they

surrounded him.Abhi tries to escape from there

but can’t.Pragya in her cabin doing some work

hears noise and comes out.She sees the staff

surrounding and talking.She in a great anger shouts

“Stop this nonsense!!!”.All of them gets damn shocked

and stood still in a fear.Abhi too still stood shocked

as it is a pleasant shock to him.He smiles a little.

All the crowd clears and she gets angry seeing

one man standing there.She calmly says

“And you…”.Abhi smiles a little and turns to see

her.He gets surprised by her appearance…as she

changed totally…He sees her chudi changed into

a plain and elegant saree…her little curly hairs

into long straightened…her cute specs were gone!!

Finally to his great surprise..now he can’t see those surprised

eyes.He totally misses his fuggi now.He gets much shocked

to hear next words from her.She said calmly “And you…

(In this short gap he totally analysed her changed personality)

Can go now…”.He gets confused and all his eagerness

of meeting her broken into pieces.But she went in without

noticing it.He thinks”What kind of behaviour is this??!!! After

one year I met her…but she ??? I think she is angry on me..

I should apologize..”.He sees Ronnie coming to him and

introduces himself”Hello sir..I m Ronnie…I am Mam’s PA”.

Abhi says “She must be angry on me..”.Ronnie says”Sir..

Yes..Its all because of that concert…I know you are busy..”.

Abhi realises reason for her anger and happily says” So.

This is the reason for your anger…You thought I cancelled

the concert because of you?? “.Abhi says to Ronnie”Ronnie..

I need to talk to your boss…About the concert”.Ronnie smiles

and says “Sir!! You are doing the concert??”.Abhi smiles and

says “Your boss didn’t left me any other option…so I have

to..”.Ronnie asks him to just wait for a minute here and

runs towards the cabin.Ronnie enters the cabin by saying

“He Said ok dii!!”.Pragya gives him an angry look saying

“Not again Ronnie…already he said ok to this…have you forgot

what happened before??? I can’t believe him this time”.

Ronnie tries to speak but she says “We will think another idea”.

Ronnie says “But I think this time he is serious…I never

heard he went to any meeting related to concert.He has been

an Invisible man always.He didn’t attended any formal functions.

Now!! See he came here…!! I still can’t believe this!!”. She sees

him calmly and says “You are believing him??”.He in a great

happiness says “Dii…yes…please give him a chance…actually

He gave us this chance…lets not waste it..”.She gets thinking.

While Ronnie says “Oh..if my dii is thinking…then its a ok !!” and laughs.

She smiles a little and says “Ok…but I don’t need any problems from

now …” She said this in a warning tone.Ronnie in great happiness

runs out saying”Ok dii!!”.While Abhi waiting hears Ronnie’s voice

and turns.He smiles hearing that she said ok.Ronnie says “Sir??

Are you sure…can I start the arrangements??”.Abhi sees him

worried and says “Don’t worry this is a special concert for me…

I definitely won’t lose it.”.He Sai this words seeing her cabin.He

says “Can I meet your boss??”.Ronnie says “Sir..sure…”.He leads

him to her room.Abhi opens the door and finds her busy reading

a file.He thinks “This Fuggi!! Not changed at all!!…Still reading”.


hi dears!!!
Thanks fa that lovely comments…


Its really an over expectations to get a Prince charming…but Will pray fa u to get a person….

Really happy that u guys got what I felt while writing..
Ha ha..what to say..thanks a lot fa loving ..

Sana(abhigya)..sana..zari..carol.. …shriti…Nivethitha….
Reshma pradeep..Ami..
Thanks fa you replies…

Deary…lovely to see ur analysis over ma writing… Love u all…

Happy to see ur restlessness yaar…


Hare yaar….what a comment…really I m showing ma every teeth seeing ur comment…really happy to realise that
THAT I TOO HAVE FANS YAAR…thanks fa the love…

Tharu …shiya…

Ha ha…I too addicted to ur comments guys….still expecting more and more…love..

Ma lovely dude..Yeah..its very important to say everything in time….timing decides our life…..

And here starts my lectures…

Expectations is directly proportional to the square of our pain guys..(Ha ha…its Engineering touch!!)
So…how u are expecting in life be careful…

And coming about timing..!!!

Timing decides the precious moments of our life…
If she said yes to him..we would have missed such a great emotional scene….

So guys…everything happens fa a reason!!!

And thanks fa ur love…
And silent readers like me love u too…I m mentioning u in every epi to know ur feelings too…

And I am expecting more and more comments guys fa our A Restless Rockstar and his Secret fan!!

Let’s see today…how many are going to show ur love!!

Happy night guys..

Sorry…have a restless night!!

Love u all!!!

Credit to: Hateera

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  1. Tdays epi was awesome dear & by the way hatee i think u r an engineering student haha….. Just joking yaar haan its true dear tht everything tht hapns in our life will have a reason i too have experienced it 4a lot of times so we shld take everything positive and go frwd

  2. sana ( abhigya )

    Awesome hateera I really really loved it waiting for ur next episode

  3. Awesome… Waiting for next

  4. Hateera superb episode
    The engineering formula was awesome ..
    Ofcourse time changes anything and everything …waiting for the restless rockstar to impress fuggi.☺
    Thanks for your wishes also for the Prince charming

  5. Hateera!! Your amazing I’m eagerly waiting for our rock star to meet his fuggi u r amazing I too feels that everything happen for a reason

  6. Its Awesome……. Really loved it………& Cover pic is Superb……????????

  7. hiiiii haatu dr the episode is damnnnn gud nd finally they met yaar so lovely to c abhi reaction nd dr tht engineering formula is vry apt nd its 100% approvable frm my view nd thanks a lot fr gvng such sweet nd lovely ff I am seriously dripped down in ur ff world lots nd lots of lv fr uuuu nd fr our ARRAHSF dr if possible update the nxt one today nly plsss YEH HEI MERI MALANG AUR TUMHARA WRITING HEI MERI NASHAAAAAA SERIOUSLY I AM IN LV WITH THIS

  8. Yeah, i seriously loved it…. And your words wowwww ????

  9. Wow! Amazing…. Again you have made me speechless dearrrr

  10. Wow superb yaar

  11. hai dr.no words to express my feeling.u r impossible..keep rocking dr.i gave u bone crush hug for this ff.and i love u dr.u r such a sweetheart….

  12. Superb yaar… Really awesome n no words to appreciate yaar… Bt I thk u shd change a topic lk “u vl b restless after reading tz ff” instead of restless rockstar… Coz u just checking my patience by not disclosing tat secret bti love tz feeling too to know wat vl hpn nxt wat vl hpn nxt nu with much expectations n eagerness…

  13. Hai crazy girl… Hateera?
    Awesomwe dear????

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