A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 12)


Our episode still in flashback no need to worry

Abhi seeing her eyes and asks with a soft tone..

“I need to know who am I to you…”.While she gets

nervous and hesitates .He then holds her hand tight

and asks to say.She smiles a little and says in a same

soft tone “I..didn’t thought it will happen so soon…

you just asked…I can’t say it by my eyes open…”.

She then closes her eyes and frees her hand from his.

She starts saying” I always tried imaging The Prince

in my grandma’s stories,before seeing you…When

I met you for first time,You got My Prince place…

in my heart…And I don’t know what this feeling is…may

be I m thinking crazy about all these…I didn’t know

it is love…crush anything…but I can definitely

say one thing…I can’t avoid you…And can’t

bear you worrying…” she opens her eyes and

realises it was her imagination (I initially had a

doubt how she can confess her boldly )

Abhi asks her “Say something???”.She starts

saying something and gets call from home.

She gets nervous and attends the call.She

hears her sister’s voice “Di !!! How was the day??”

She answers hesitantly” Nice..Mother India…”.

Her sister asks “What happened dii.,,your voice looks

so dull??? Are you sick still???”.She manages by saying

that she has an important work now and ends the

call.She then gets worried and thinks “I don’t know

why Am I avoiding my sister in this matter…I

didn’t shared her…what’s happening in my life

And here?? He is asking who is he to me…I wish

to say him truth but I can’t take this big step without

my family…”.She gets worried and sees Abhi sitting

in his chair patiently seeing his phone.She turns and

thinks “I can’t tell him truth know…and soon I should

say this to my family…” She gets shocked as Abhi

stands before her.He asks “Will you answer me??”.

She avoids his eyes and says “You …are a friend

to me…enough??? I m going now..”.Abhi gets angry

and holds her shoulder and says “Come again??? What

you just said??? Just a friend???”.She gets scared

as she saw him really angry.She tries to say but

seeing his angry face she gulped her words…He

holds her shoulder tight and asks “I just thought

you were something special…but you are like all girls..

just flirting..”.She gets teary eyed and asks “What??”.

He sees her tears and says “I am mad…just felt

these tears as true feelings for me…I am really insane

to get you hear and thought

to confess my feelings…Thank god…I didn’t do that

…You know what If you had been silent for a sec

I would have thought you are hesitant to confess and

Thank you …you opened your mouth and said

what you are feeling…just friends…my foot!!!”.She gets

tears filled all over her cheeks and says “I just need

some time…”.He stops and pushes her saying”Oh

great !!! You need time now??? After making me

understand..that…I m nothing to you???”.She cries

badly and says “I …” but he stops her saying

“Take your time…I will see what you will say..”.

She runs from there and he also cries saying

“Till I am feeling that your eyes…Its just confessing

me what you are feeling…but why can’t I get

those from your words??”.

In evening…Abhi stands near a window

and seeing the moon and thinking what happened this evening

(Still we are in flashback guys). While she also seeing

the moon through the window from her room.He thinks”What happened

to me?? Why I am crazy about this problem…I can’t

let this affect me.I should just forget this …”.She in

an impassive face…showed nothing just her tears

Which told her complete pain.She reminisces her

first sight which made her heart to beat for him.

And his crazy things which made her to fall for

him.She closes her eyes…and takes a deep breath in

and starts crying badly.Her mind echoes just one word

now …”Flirting!!!!”.Yes one of his hurting words.

She sits down holding her diary and opens to write.

But she can’t as her tears not allowed to write.She

points the pen on the paper but the word …

echoed all over her heart made her to write…

“I m just flirting him…he said this…Now

I have to relieve his thoughts from my heart…

No more pain…for both of us…I will just say

him tomorrow…That I would never..ever…

Flirt him!!!!”.She starts crying badly while

writing those Last few words.She then searches

her mobile to call but..she doesn’t find it anywhere..

She gets tensed and searches all over her room

but can’t find the phone.She gets shocked as she kept

it in the coffee shop.She goes out immediately.While

he thinking gets a call from someone.He attends

the call.It was the coffee shop manager…He

asks him about the girl whom she brought

today.Abhi manages something and tries to

change the topic.(Abhi doesn’t has any relatives

…he was grown by his guardian…as he lost his

parents in an accident…The manager of the

coffee shop is his guardian’s son…even Abhi

had a chance to make him as his friend but

his guardian remained strict with their

friendship.So it was a formal talk between

them…So Abhi decides not to share anything

to him.He asks Abhi not to manage and tell

the truth.Abhi gets angry and shouts” She

is just a passing cloud ok????

You no need to come in this!!!.And I am

not that dumb to fall for such a girl…and

do you think I will fall for her ????.”.He

throws his phone in a great anger…

Which made the mobile to break into pieces.

He thinks “If I am mad??? Why I am feeling

her presence here???”.She enters the shop

and walks in hesitation.She hears his voice

shouting at someone…and hears everything

what he told.Her heart broke into many pieces

when she heard him saying her that she is such

a girl.She closes her mouth with her hands and

cries.She controls herself thinking “It’s good

I didn’t say him…who is he to me…because

now I heard by him…what I am to him…”.

She wipes her tears and keeps her face determinant

and walks towards him.While he feels her presence

and hears footsteps.He gets surprised seeing her.

He looks her eyes which told him…her pain.His heart

asked “May be I misunderstood her??? It can’t be

like this…”.But she walks towards him and stops

Infront of him.She looks his eyes with a sharp

feeling which made his heart to ache for a moment.

She then slowly goes to the table and picks her

mobile.He says “You came here…to take this..??”.

She lost her every hesitation says” Yes…”

She said these words penetrating

his eyes and felt its effect in his eyes.He stood still

and sees her strong eyes which confuses him.He thinks

“Now too…her words and her eyes are confusing me!

I can see her pain in her eyes but her words…”.She

moves her eyes slowly and looks the way to go.

Abhi holds her hand and ask her “Just say…what you

want to say..

I am confused on your behaviour…Just tell me Its

misunderstanding!!”.She smiles a little and says”Yes …

Its a misunderstanding…as you can’t feel this much

For Such a girl!!”.She removes his hand from her and

walks out crying.Abhi stares her going and thinks “She

must have heard me talking on phone… A song plays…

Hamari adhuri kahani…both of them are feeling

bad to hurt each other by their words..

Hai dears!!!

I am really wondering how can my friends are so sweet!!!!.

Especially!! Seeing those first 2 comments!!

Thank u guys!!

Carol and Hema D’ Souza!!

For that lovely comments…

Aditi…shashi…nasima…Kristy …Ami…durga..sana…sharaya….shriti…sugan…Reshma Pradeep….zari….nevethitha….anu….

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At last!! My advice starts here….

Beware f this love at first sight guys!!!

It has chance to give us pain!!

Love u a lot!!!)))

Credit to: Hateera

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  1. Superb hateera
    Hope everyone has such Prince charming in life..stories are penning the life of many .you are great writer hateera
    Always smile☺☺☺

  2. Super….loved it. Such an emotional part…I really feeled the pain.awesome..

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    Mr. Abhishiek is so mean yaa. Can’t he let her speak ???
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  8. Oh my god today after reading today episode my Hrt becomes heavy weight yaar it’s lk a burden to me really today’s episode make my eyes fill with tears BT really u r saying not to love some1 @ 1st sight itself BT every mind vl takes thz advice to follow bt Hrt vl never accept n also vl never try to follow… Anyway I thk my comment bcuming sad n emotional don’t need it lets leave tat 1st sight love topic… Today episode s really soooooo sad bt Ur ff s awesome n rocking…whenever I c Ur post thn automatically my hrt feels some enthusiastic n happy..keep rocking

  9. Hey hatee dear ur ff is really awesome loved it a lot&i liked the way u expressed each&every feelings it was really mindblowing & by the way dear not only love at first sight will give us a pain but where there is a love surely pain will also be there as “the first person who teach us the meaning of the wrd love will also be the first per who teach us the meaning of the word pain” it happens not only inbetween lovers but also with our beloved hearts like frnds too dear sry dear 4 such a big lecture

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    Awesome hateera it was such a emotional episode eagerly waiting for the next episode

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  17. hai dr.today u make me cry.wat an emotional episode.now i am adicted of your story lines.and thanks for consider me as ur frnd…i love u…i accept ur lovely hug also….once again love u…

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    Ur crazyness overloaded in ur story…
    Awesome dear?

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