A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 11)


Our episode starts with (Still we are in flashback) Abhi

moving her hairs.She sees him and gets shocked and asks

“You??”.He deeply look into her eyes and says “Yes..me..”.

She tries to free her hand but no use.She gives him a pity

puppy look and says “Its paining!!”.He then gets lenient

by loosening his grip but still holding her hand.He pulls her

saying ” Come with me!”.and walks fast.She tries to ask

where but she was pulled forcefully.She follows him running

as its difficult to cope with his walking.She still asking many

questions”Where ???…Where are you going???…What’s the

matter…Already I m late…I have to go!!” …There series of

words made him irritated.He suddenly stops.But she unaware

of his sudden move hits her head on his chest and screams

in a shock!!.Abhi sees her funny reaction while screaming

laughs and pretends to be in anger…He then continues to go..

She stops suddenly and says in a strong voice”See !! Leave

me now!!…Otherwise I…”.Abhi gives her “Are you kidding me??”

look and approaches near her saying”Otherwise what ???”.She

gets afraid and gulps.She then sees the classroom.He

drags her to the classroom and sits in his bench.He

sees her standing and makes her sit with him.She again

starts asking”Why?..”.She stops as he saw her.He says

in a mild and smooth voice “Will you…be…my friend???”.

She just sat with no expression in her face.He continues

saying”I lost my parents..in my childhood and had no

much friends..but…” He stops seeing she stood.She says

“Ju…just a minute…I will be back! Ok!.” and runs out.He

Says ” but…where??”. And thinks”She…is crazier…CRAZIER!!

than ME!!!!”

Abhi waiting for her.He frequently

looks at the door but she didn’t come.He now started

walking to and fro.And sees the watch and says in an

irritated voice”Just 5 minutes??? But I am missing

her…where this…” and wonders he doesn’t know

her name .He says “Shit !!! I don’t know her name??

This is completely ridiculous Abhi…What she did with

you!!”.He hears some footsteps and sees the doorway.

She came very tired,hiding something in her hands

and breathing heavy (I think

she ran all way to reach here).He goes to her and

drags her to sit.He scolds her saying”Are you

out of your mind??!!! See yourself…I came here

to share with you …really important thing in my

life but…what you did???…Just left like that!!”.

She tried to say something “But..” but he interrupts her

by saying”Just Listen To My Words!!!” in very angry

voice.She gets scared ,her eyes were

ready to fill with tears and remains silent with her

eyes opened wide.He now bends towards her…

facing his face to her’s and says “If you can’t

understand me..just say it …What’s the need to…”

He hears her voice “I just wanted to say…” and turns in a shock.

She sees him in shock and

realises that he misunderstood and tries to explain.But he interrupts her and asks in a clarification tone “So!! You don’t wanna

be…” and kicks the bench.She gets afraid with his

harsh behaviour and tries to speak.But he says

“I didn’t ever shared anything with others…but

you..didn’t mean it…and You Don’t Deserve It!!!”.

He then closes her eyes and turns away and says

in a grunt voice”Forget what happened here!!”.

Tears rolling over her cheeks and asks him

“Let…let me speak..”.He roars”Out !!!”.She

starts crying and keeps something on the table

and ran away wiping her tears.He sees her running

and thinks “Why this drama now!!?? Its all my fault

I shouldn’t have done this..” and hits the bench

and shouts in pain.He stops shouting and gets

shocked seeing something on the table.He picks it

and says”Its..Its a Chocolate???? and sees a note

He opens it and reads “I will always give chocolate

to my friends…And no need to worry…I m there

for you,no matter the situation!!! I mean as a

Friend.So??? Friends???”.His face lost his full

reactions and he stood there like a statue.

.He felt that

his heart beats to remind his guilty every sec.His eyes

gets teary eyed and turns.He started walking…then fast…

soon it become rapid.He reaches the bus stop and is

searching her everywhere.He thinks”She must be hurt…

What are you Abhi…just !!!!! “he then sits on a bench

like lost and feels worried to the core…He then hears

sound of footsteps and turns in a great joy.But soon

his face turned tragic…While she ran away when he

shouted as out …she left the place with great

great disappointment ..Her heart raised many more

killing questions.She thinks”I shouldn’t have…gone

with him…all my fault”.She reaches her room and

sees more missed calls from her sisters (Its sisters!!

you have to note this…to understand my future

twists)She takes the phone and calls …but ends

the call soon before its connected and thinks “I

should not talk now…If I do…all will find that I

was cried …”.She switches her mobile off and

goes to sleep.She tries to sleep and closes her

eyes.Suddenly she felt someone holding her hand…

She jumps in a shock and finds none there.Then

she sees her hand having his hands marks which

happened by his strong grip and cries saying…

“Why this is happening to me!??.When I decide

to step ahead…I am falling down back…why ..

What will I do…”. She then makes her voice

strong and says “I didn’t do anything wrong!!

And..What he said…I..I don’t deserve!???…

What is That mean…where is it comes in friendship!!

Friendship is not a deserving thing…Its respecting

them..their feelings…”She feels tears rolling over

her cheeks and wipes it fast…She then closes her

eyes and tries to sleep.Her ears are filled with his

hurting..spiny words stinging whole if her heart.

She comes out of the bed and walks to and fro…

She hears windows making scary sound by the wind.

She goes and closes the window.She then turns to come

but stops suddenly remembering something she

saw now by her own eyes.She rums towards the window

and stares out in a great shock.She rubs her eyes as

she cant believe her own eyes and utters few

words within her heart.”Why he is here???? And

at this hour!!”.She gets nervous and says “What

now!!!”. She then smiles little and says “He

sure need this punishment!! Hurted me…for no

reason???”.She folds her hands and again starts

walking here and there.She starts acting mad

saying”So…I won’t forgive him…and I am

going to sleep”.She goes towards bed and

fell on it.She closes her eyes and sleeps.Abhi

thought to ask forgiveness but thinks to do

something more to prove she is special to him.

He gets an idea and reaches the hostel.He sits

outside parking his car.He waited there for

hours for no reason…because he surely can’t

expects whether she will see him or not.But

still something in his heart pushed him to do

this.He watches all the rooms and suddenly

lights where going off in their rooms.He sees

his watch and says “Already 1.45????”.His

mind taunts him for his madness but his

heart showed only one room had light with

lights on..His heart said “Sure It should be

her…please please…She should be there…

He smiles getting an idea and searching

something in ground.Just then she saw him

from her room and gone closing the window.

He picks a stone and prepares to aim.He

gets angry says “What is this ??? How that

window closed now???” and confused.He

tries to throw but says” No Abhi…if you

throw this …your crime rate will increase!!”.
He puts that stone down and thinks what to do…

She still tries to sleep…

(Hope you like this…I thought to finish it small…when

She sees him outside…

but my craziness urged me to pull the story this much…

Thinking…how to make him apologise)
Abhi reminisces his harsh

words .They made him to feel bad and remembers

her doings from the first day…He recalls her

surprised eyes and gets teary eyed thinking”How

can I do this to her…I must wait here!!!” and

looks the window.Soon the lights gone off his

heart lost its last hope.He bends his head down

and is sat in his car .He rests on the steering

and breathes heavy saying”These days you

didn’t leave me…from now I won’t leave you

??? Her name???? ” and wonders and says

“Fuggi… Yeah!! Its funny…like her!!” and smiles.

In her room she can’t sleep and gets worried

for him as its cold inside and thinks” I should

do something to make him go…”.She sees

the light and switches off it and prays “God!!!

Let him get angry on me again..but..I can’t

see him worrying himself by standing out

like this”.She sees him hiding from Window.

She gets worried and feels “He is worrying

for his guilt…but why I getting this much

pain??!!”.She then decides something and

turns.Here Abhi in car sees the room and

breathes heavy and says “How long you are

going to act?? I know by now you should be

thinking and worrying”.He then sees the time

5.While she sitting out side in cold.She thinks

“Its good he is sitting in his car…but why

is much cold here?? Its just freezing me!!!”.

Abhi’s eyes gets tired and sleeps.While she

thinking”I can’t come before you…because

I can’t see your eyes normally…

And now!!!! full of guiltiness…Even though

its a mistake of yours…I can’t see you worry”.

She sneaks and sees his car.She smiles seeing

him sleeping and gets an idea and runs up to

her room.She stands near his car and does

something.Soon Abhi wakes up and finds

it already late.He sees a note on his front

mirror and gets surprised.He reads it

“It’s ok… No more guiltiness…as you

felt worried by your heart…And its enough

for now..and already you are late to class “.

He gets happy and his eyes leaks some tears

of happiness.He says “Definitely!!! She is

Something!!!!…special…”.He drives fast.

She comes out smiling in contentment and

sneezes.She says “I got cold??? Sure my

Lovely sis will scold me and gives dialogues

like Mother India!!”.she then worries and

switches on her mobile saying”Sure I will

be caught today!!”.Immediately she gets

call from her home and says “Ma…”. Her

ma gets worried and asks “What happened

child?? Why your phone is from night???

I can’t sleep for whole night…” and her

sis gets phone from her ma and scolds her

“What problem dii???”.She gets tensed

and thinks “I should be careful as she is

smart and easily finds ..”. She manages

that her charger damaged and so..Her

sister asks “Any problem di?? and what

you came to say last time…I didn’t able

to ask you…”.She gets nervous and

says “Nothing my Mother India…If I

get into any problem…I will just give

you a call..ok???” and laughs.On other

end she also laughs and says “My plan

is coming well di!!! Soon will dreams

will happen!!”.She gets happy and

congrats her.Her sister says “Then…You should take care

of your cold dii!!!

Do you thought I won’t find your sickness!???”.She

gets tensed and says “Ok my lord..!! Sure I will ” smiles and ends the call by saying its

late.She ends the call and thinks smiling

“Even though she is young..she is strong

enough to fulfil her dreams by her own…

And without anyone’s support…I m proud

of my Mother India!!”.She then gets sad

and thinks “I too want to fulfil my dreams.”

and gets thinking Abhi and distracts

herself saying”It’s late already” and runs.

(For your kind notice…I always used the

word “she” in flashback scenes…and not mentioned

her name …Soon A real suspense will reveal..

Definitely…not in next epi…as I m planning

to think more!! …I m really enjoying

to write this crazily )

She entering

the classroom and sees him.She then slowly walks

pretending not noticing him.She then turns and goes

to sit in her place.Just then she felt her shawl stuck.

She gets shocked and wonders if it is him??.She turns

to see.Abhi with a little smile removes it.And holds

that edge.She then gets shy and pulls it from his but

he holds it tight and smiles a mocking smile.She tries hard

and thinks “What he is doing…this shawl…”.She then

gives him a pity look to leave.He folds his hands and

shows his bench with his eyes.She nods immediately as “No”.

Abhi replied by his ignoring look and keeps the shawl edge.

She thinks”Why he is not listening me…I just cant sit..”.She

then sees his face and hand again and again.She with her

angry face says “Fine!!” and sits in the bench.She sees him

sitting next to her and gets nervous.She pretends

searching something in her bag…and looking some books.

Abhi notices this and smiles.He starts saying something.

She thinks” God!! Why the class not started yet…”.Just then

A lecture came.She gets relieved and thinks “Yes’s…now

he can’t apologise”.After the class all went she is busy

in picking her things and stands to go.She hears a sound

saying”Wait !!” and turns.He in a low tone says “Actually..

I am…” Just then she interrupts and says “I already said

No need to…”and stops her words as she found him

very close to her.She then completes “ap…apologise..”

in a nervous voice.Abhi for a sec sees her eyes and smiles

saying” I…actually…I am not apologizing now as you

already forgave me…”.She asks “then why you told

me to wait??”.Abhi says in a casual tone “I just called

you to have a coffee…with me??”.She gets shy and

says “No…I just…”.He doesn’t let her complete the

sentence.As usual he just dragged her out.She says in

a calm voice “Ok !!!…I m coming…Leave my hand..”.

He just smiles and says “Good!! Fuggi!!”.She gets confused

and asks “What ??”.He says “Fuggi…your name!!”.She gets

angry and says “My name is not Fuggi…Its…”.He stops her

and says “Whatever…is your name…I will call you like this!!!”.

She folds her hands and gives him an angry look.

He then nods his head and asks her showing the way as

“Shall we go?”.She then keeps her lips tight and

just follows him.Soon they reach a coffee shop and sees

all seats are occupied.She sees him going without

noticing and walks fast and holds his hand.She sees him

turned and gets nervous as she held his hands.He asks

“What??”.She was interrupted by the shop manager.

The manager came running and says “Sir??? You(aap)

came ??? Here is the way…”.She leaves his hand

immediately and follows the manager and thinks

“Why the manager is inviting him??? “.The manager

then shows them a private table and takes Abhi

with him.Abhi turns and sees her eyes staring him and signals

her “I will be back”.She sees them talking and thinks

“Seems he is his Friend…But Why

he is calling him sir ??!!” and starts watching around.

She sees him coming and sits straight.He sits saying

“So??” How is the coffee shop???”.She says “Nice “.

He smiles and says “Just tell me…who am I to you???”.

She gets shocked to his sudden question and avoids

answering.He says “See me…”.She hesitantly sees

his face and says “You said…we are friends…”.

He says “Any friends wouldn’t have apologized me..

for my harsh behaviour…but you??? Just forget

everything and forgave me…”.She thinks “Why he

is asking more questions now??? I don’t want to

answer these questions!!”.He then holds her hand

asking “So…who am I to you??”.She gets

embarrassed…anxious…nervous and can’t utter

anything looks him nervously.An eyelock continues…

Background song heer heer …from jab tak he jaan…

She thinks “I just want to say how I am feeling now…

And Who You Are to me…My Crazy …Naughty Prince…”


And still we are in flashback guys…..

And thank u lovelies…….
Aditi…Kristy….tharu…nasima…maahi….nivethitha….devi….Reshma pradeep….sharaya….shriti…durga….Hema D’Souza…Zari…somiya…sana….anu…ammu…vaishali……and special friend my dearyyy

Sandy….fa pointing the scenes again…and krishnani…fa telling her heart felt thoughts….

And my friends…. Life is really crazy….
And never would be fairy tale…..
It would be very scary than this tragedy in ma story…..

These sad endings are not really painful…..the reality of life is painful….ha ha…I will stop this…or I will be boring….any way ma friends…be happy…..

If u are happy to fall in love…then be ready to bear the pain of falling too!!!!

Love u all……keep ma words in ur mind friends….and keep smiling!!!!

Love u all!!!

Credit to: Hateera

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