A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 10)

Our epi starts with Pragya reading the diary with much interest.

Suddenly the clock sounded loud.She then sees the clock

and gets shocked and thinks “Oh !! Already 2.00 !!!”.She

then closes the diary and says “Tomorrow I have an

important appointment!!”.She sees the diary worried

and says “I have to read…but …I have the meeting

with that Rockstar!!”.She then smiles wondering.She says

“What a coincidence!!! I know 2 Abhi’s now..”.She then

keeps her face sad and says “Hmm …but they are with

different characters!!!.This Prince caring other’s feelings

here completely contrast!!!”.She then keeps the diary in

her cupboard and says “If ma come to know,I m reading

this diary…will gets worried…so better I should hide

this from her…What to do??? All are seeing me as a

patient…And Getting worried…But I need to know the


Our scene shifts to Abhi driving his car.He stops the car

as he gets Payal’s call.He then smiles and picks it in hurry

and says “That’s my girl!!! Got her Number…No her address??”.

Payal asks him to calm down and says”Sir!! Actually…

I didn’t”.Abhi looses his temper and throws the Mobile.

Payal tries to call him but he is not picking up.He looks very

angry and decides”I have to search her”.He then calls

payal and says “Cancel all the appointments for this week!!”

payal in a great shock says “Sir!! ..” He ends the before

hearing her.He then drives fast.In other side Payal gets

tensed and says “Sir…we have an appointment tomorrow

…but…” and sits in a chair biting her nails.She gets an

idea and calls someone.Ronnie picks the call and shouts

“What??Are you kidding me!???”.He then hears Payal

and says “See Mam ji…I don’t want your reasons…

I need this problem to be solved!!”.Payal says “Sir..

I am really trying my best…But I don’t what to do

in this nick of the moment!!” and worries.Ronnie

then calms and says “Ok mam…I will help you…

But before that I will inform my boss and will call

you later”.He sees the watch and thinks “Now Its

12.40…Di would be sleeping” and calls her as it

is very important.He calls her but her phone is off.

He leaves a message to call him at once after getting

this message and tells Its very urgent.He then calls

payal to ask what’s the matter but her phone is busy

Because she was trying to Abhi’s phone.

Next day Pragya wakes up and sees the time.She

gets shocked as she would be late for the appointment.

She hurries and gets ready and goes down.Bulbul

was waiting from morning to know about Pragya.She walks

here and there and thinks to go to Pragya’s room.

She sees pragya coming down with great hurry.

She tries to speak but Pragya hugs her and says

“Bulbul I am late…But I m alright now!! And don’t

worry”.Bulbul smiles seeing Pragya running in hurry

and thinks “Dii…Today I m seeing my old Pragya dii

…After a year …I think you are moving on”.

Pragya drives her car and thinks of the diary.

She remembers about the Prince.Meanwhile

Abhi’s car crosses her car in opposite.(The

Beginning violin bgm from

Saans Mein Teri…in Jab tak hai jaan…plays…)

She checks

her phone and sees it off.She stops her car in a side

and switches it on.Abhi gets a call from Payal and

as expected he also stops the car.Both check their

mobile.Pragya sees the Ronnie’s voice message

and hears it.Meanwhile Abhi attends the call and

talks.Pragya hears the message and calls Ronnie.

Ronnie attends the call and says “Dii !!…Where

are you??”.She says “Ronnie ..first say that important

matter”.Ronnie remains silent for few seconds

and says” Diii…Rock star cancelled the appointment”.

She is about to shout and Ronnie continues “Also,,

Dii…He cancelled all the events for a week”.She gets

shocked and cuts the call.Her eyes become red and

her throat got struck in extreme anger.Abhi says

“Payal..I don’t..” She interrupts him and says

“Sir..pls just listen to me for a minute…Its not any

usual concert …Its for an Educational Institute!!!

And how can we cancel it just like that??!!”.Abhi

gets thinking and says “I need sometime to think..

I will say…”and sees Pragya’s car.He drops the

phone and gets out from the car.He sees some

vehicles going and stops.He is very restless and

struggles to cross the road.He runs across the road

towards her car.Pragya in great anger decides to meet him

Straight in his office.She starts the car and moves.Abhi almost reached

there.But her car flew rapidly from there.Abhi runs

after the car but he sees his car and decides to

follow her by his car.He runs and gets in.Soon

his car vanished with a ‘U ‘ turn in a fog of sand.

He searches her car.He continuously gets calls

from Payal but he ignored it.Pragya reaches

Abhi’s office and walks like a Modern Jansi Rani

But not with a sword or horse.In a blue saree

with free hair (Like nowadays we can see our

pragya in her episodes…with that attitude…

Sure not that acting thing for love…I framed her

character with this attitude itself…hope u like it)

Meanwhile Abhi still searches but can’t find her.

He gets irritated seeing Payal’s call.He stops his

car and gets out and closes the door in a bang.

He can’t stand..walk..and his mind is blank…he

doesn’t understand what to do.He walks here and there.

Pragya goes into the office.Payal sees her and gets

shocked and says “You ?? “.Pragya gives her an

angry look and asks her in a warning tone “Where

is your boss??”.Payal gets confused and sees

Ronnie comes running towards them.She asks Pragya

“Excuse me Mam…You ??” Ronnie reaches there

saying”She is my boss”.Payal gets relieved and

convinces Pragya and says”Mam..please..please

come in this way..we can talk..(and sees still she

is in anger and says)please mam??”.Ronnie gets

worried for Payal as it is not her fault.He asks Pragya

to come.Payal sees Ronnie and smiles a thank you

smile.Payal texts him a message”I got her sir!!”.

But Abhi is not in the mood to take his phone.

Pragya in the room sits seeing here and there

and sure seeing her watch frequently.It had been

minutes..then…hours…only for Ronnie’s sake.But after

3 hours she stood up and walked fast out the office.

Abhi sits in his car trying to relax himself and sees

Payal’s calls and thinks to go.He sees her text

and little smile peeped out from his lips…gradually

it filled his face with a great happiness.He calls

Payal and says “I m coming!!”.Payal sees Pragya

going in lift and asks “Mam..please Wait for just 2

minutes..sir is coming”.Pragya gives her an

impassive look and goes.Pragya goes in a lift.

Abhi reaches the office and really runs fast.

He waits for lift but gets restless and runs upstairs.

Just then Pragya comes out of the lift and walks out.

Abhi running upstairs.At

the same time pragya getting into her car.Abhi

reaches office and sees payal sitting.He runs to

her and holds her.He in a tired…exhausted

tone asked”Payal..She…Where???”.Payal

asks him to sit and tries to relax him.As he was

breathing heavy but still he looks into her

like asking to tell where is she??.She sees his knees hurted and

Its was bleeding.She in a shock and screams

“Sir !!! How its happened??? ” He sees the

hurt and ignores it.She makes him to drink

water.He stood up throwing the bottle and

asks her “Stop this…just tell me where is she??.

Payal gets scared of him seeing like this and

speaks out little”She..the boss of that institute

…that…I was saying you before”.Abhi gives

his intense look into her eyes and says

with an unexpressive face “She ..The boss??”.

Payal in a hesitant tone said”Sir ..yes..”.

Abhi’s eyes were wandering here and there

And asks her again”The concert for an

Institute…That institute’s boss”.Payal

again in an hesitant tone said “Yes sir..

She is…”.Abhi in a great happiness sees

Payal and gives her hug and says “so …

I was searching her around the world ..

But didn’t realize that she is very near

to me”.Payal in a great confusion nods

her head as yes and asks “Who is she??”.

Abhi turns slowly and says “Fuggi!!” and

runs.While running he shouts “Text me

her address!!!”.Payal smiles seeing his

happiness and shouts again”Done!!!”.

Within few secs his phone sounded.He

gets into the car and sees the pendent.He

smiles and thinks “No one can stop me

Fuggi!!! I m coming!!”.

(Let him smile for sometime …we will come back here

after seeing a small flashback ) Abhi with headphones

hearing a song walking moreover dancing…In other side

she sitting in a bench and reading a book(as she decided

to divert herself from him) She hears some humming

voice.She smiles and closes her eyes.She thinks”God!!

Why are you doing this!!!Just now I decided to avoid him

…but you ?? Making me to fall!!”.She closes her book

and folds her both hands.She still hers the humming

voice and turns to see him.He singing…almost dancing

and started performing like playing a guitar.She laughs

silently and thinks “Childish…don’t even think what others

will think..mad!!…no …My Crazy Prince!!!” and laughs.

She then takes a book from her bag.She keeps it in

her hand and starts murmuring something by closing

her eyes.Yeah!!! She has a habit to read a books of quotes..

when she need answer for a problem.If the quotes

matches with the problem,she surely will decide to follow the quotes.

So she thought to decide by this book.She opens a page

from the book and opens.She reads it by her one eye…

as she feared about the decision of the quote…The

quote says”If you can’t avoid a doing,accept it

and enjoy doing it!!”(He is crazy!!! But she even crazier!!! )

She then goes to her

classroom and waits for him there.

She sees him entering the class and tries to call him.

But he just walked ignoring her and sat keeping his coolers.She tries to call him

but he just sat like an idol.Soon classes begin.She sees

him listening the lecture keenly.(But she didn’t notice

headset over his ears as he hidden them by his hands )

She then gets disappointed and thinks”What to do??”.

The class ends and all are going out.She waits for

him but he was busy with his phone and talking

with his friends.She stood and walks out fast.Abhi

saw her reactions till now via his coolers’ reflection

thinks “I came to end this today…but why I can’t

imagine hurting her”.He puts his coolers on and walks

out.She walks slowly thinking his behaviour today

and says “What happened to him now??I shouldn’t

have asked him…yes..you stupid…you are the one

followed him..and how can you ask him not to

follow you!?? Fool!!”.She then feels worried and

says “If I get another chance to speak with him,I

should apologize!!”.She reaches the bus stop and

waits.She sees a bus coming and worries seeing

behind.She goes to step inside but suddenly her

hand was pulled back by something and she whirled

in a horrible shock!!.She tries to see him but hairs

spreads all over her face.She keeps struggling with the

hand to unlock from the hand.But a hand moves her

hairs away from her face.She sees Abhi and says

“You???”.An eyelock continues with a song…Janam

janam janam…saath chelna yahi…kasam tum he kasam

…from Dilwale…shown camera rounding them ……


Thanks my dears…sana…shashi…Kristy …nasima…ayaz…zari….durga….shriti…sharaya….swara….sandy …Reshma pradeep….and ma lovely silent readers like me!!!

Hope u liked it!!!

Eagerly biting my nails to see ur replies ..!!!

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