A Restless Rockstar and His Secret Fan (Episode 1)


Hi guys!!!! Hope u read it…if u tolerate with my writing…cant write more…bcoz don’thow pity u r to read my story…pls bear for our abhigya! I will start my episode straight

Scene 1:

The epi starts with both bulbul and pragya getting ready.Bulbul in black jeans and lavender top…pragya in green chudi..after reaching the college pragua wishes her best and says oh my sweety again u r late!!
Bulbul sees her watch and shouts oh my God !! This is my first day god pls and starts running…pragya starts saying something but sees bulbul running and says always in hurry…and starts driving

Pragya enters her institute campus.( For a change I made pragya without any financial stress and families stress…an independent woman who can decide for her family…and for her own) and parks her car comes in her office cabin.she sits in her seat and starts reading files on the table and gets some thought and stands.

Scene 2:

Pour bulbul runs in a hurry asks some one where is guitar department???? And starts walking fast to reach the class soon and is about to step in but suddenly a guy from behind collides with her.Bulbul falls down and gets hurt in her hand and shouts oh god who the dumb!!! That guy still walking fast (he is also in hurry for his first day) turns saying sorry (ofcourse for name sake) sees her hurt and says…oh god you are bleeding!!! Really sorry I was in hurry and starts saying something but she stop him and says you got saved today because I m late and goes inside the class room giving him an angry look..

Hope u not hate it

Credit to: Hateera

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  1. Na hateera it was superb

  2. Nice yaar

  3. Nic…. But plzzzzzzz upload long episodes

  4. superb yr….bt lambe lambe episodes plxxx ..

  5. really nice yaar..

  6. Nice hateera.u hav made pragya as independent woman it’s nice.

  7. Really very very nice ya

  8. Of course I love it Yaar………Superb……

  9. Nice but shot.

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