Resonance- Ar-dhika (Manmarziyan) First Look ( Episode 1)


Sabyasachi- Why you came here Rai? You know my answer.
Rai- (in a low voice)-I know Sabyasachi da.
Sabyasachi- Then why Rai? Its getting tough for me.You know I love you. ( in a low voice Looking straight in Rai’s eyes).But in my life there is only one aim & that’s Swaraj.Its time to free our motherland from British bondage.
Rai- I support You.I am always with you.
Sabyasachi- No Rai, I don’t want You in danger.You know the consequence if you get caught.
Rai- You also know, but still you…… you say this is our motherland.Gandhiji opened door for women in Civil Disobedience Movement.Sorojini Naidu leading this movement.Here also many women in your Group.Then why you are restricting me?
Sabyasachi remained slient.

Rai ( wiped her tears)- I came here to give this to you.( She handled him a box)
Sabyasachi opened the box.There were Jewelleries inside it.
Sabyasachi- Rai, I cant take this.These are your jewelleries.
Rai- You said you will need lot of money to buy Arms & Ammunations & my real jewellery is YOU. I sacrificed this for our motherland.I really don’t need any of these.Take this as a “daan”from my side.I am leaving now but I will never ever leave you. Try as much as you can.Take care.
Sabyasachi took a deep breath as Rai sliently leave from there.

Radhika ran her hands over his taut, mascular chest & gazed into his eyes.
Radhika- I love You Arjun.
Arjun pulled her close & cupped her face as he leaned in.She can feel his hot breath in her face.
Arjun- Love you too.
Radhika- Arjun,I will never leave you. No matter where you might go, I’ll always follow you. (Radhika stroke his cheek).
Arjun did not doubt it for a moment.How could he? Hasn’t she followed him from one life to the next?

Aham Sharma as Arjun & Sabyasachi.

Monica Sehgal as Radhika & Rai.

Hello Friends. First time, I am writing something on Ar-dhika for some of my friends.Honestly, I am not much fond about this jodi,mainly because I dont like the characterization in MMZ.So, I am presenting them in my way. So, this is a complete different storyline from MMZ. I never read any Ar-dhika story.So I dont have any idea if anyone writing in the same concept or not. Please Inform me about this.

I am a mad fan of Aham Sharma & I love Him.

Credit to: Madhumita

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  1. it sounds epic!!!!!! waitin 4 more

    1. Thanks. Will update soon.

  2. Good one!! And as far as I know, no one is writing this concept so yours is totally different. Amazing!!! Keep going!! Waiting for next one.
    And I’m also Aham Sharma’s craziest fan. Like a really mad lover.❤❤❤

    1. Thanks. Glad that U liked the First look.Relieved also, that no one is writing on this concept.I am also crazy for Aham.Thats why I am here.

    2. Amu!! More than me?! Hahahahaha .. I don’t think so ??

      1. No idea. I dont want to prove. Ha ha.

  3. Nice bt i thought both were boyz. (lol) keep writing.

    1. Rai is another name of Radha & Sabyasachi is another name of Arjun as was skillful in using both arms, ambidextrous.This story is on Bengali background.Thats why I used these names.

  4. So nice yaar

    1. Thanks.

  5. Hi madhu !!! Thanks for the ardhika story this is totally different yaar, nice pls post soon dear…

    1. U welcome Susi. Thanks for commenting.Will continue soon.

  6. Nice dear n waiting for next one.

    1. Thanks.Will continue soon.

  7. Plzz write tday f possible bcoz tday s my bday……n Radhika’s too though u dnt lke hr……..i lvd te epi….its simply extraordinary………y dnt u like ardhika????????…

    1. Hi aastha wish u many more happy returns of the day , dear our Monica sehgal too…..

    2. Many Many Happy Returns of the day Aastha.Glad that U liked the opening.Sorry cant post it today.Still I need to plan the story & I am skipping your question part.

    3. Very very happy birthday. ..belated…many many happy returns of the most precious day…love you loads

  8. its really diff. concept i like it!

  9. very nice episode and waiting for next.

  10. Awesome story. 🙂

  11. Madhumitha!! Wonderful start!! Looking forward to it!!

    Post soon.. Love you ??

  12. Awesome. …madhumita it’s mind blowing concept …I’m also Aham Sharma’s huge fan….loved this prologue so so sooooooo muchhhhhhh. ..keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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