Resonance- Ar-dhika (Manmarziyan) ( Episode 2)

Radhika woke up with a start.She was sweating profusely.Again the nightmare, but as usual she was not able to remember.This nightmare disturbs her sleep from childhood.Her parents consulted with psychiatrists, but no one were able to help her.
She is Radhika Mishra, only daughter of Dilip & Mala Mishra.She & her family lives in Kolkata.A simple middle class family.Her father is a retired professor & her mother is a housewife.Radhika works as a teacher in a Higher Secondary school in Kolkata.She teaches History there.She is a social worker also.She is a volunteer in an NGO which fights for women rights.
Radhika hurriedly got up & went to washroom to get ready.Its Sunday.Her father was reading newspaper & her mother was making breakfast.
Radhika- Good Morning papa.
Dilip- Morning Beta.Are you going somewhere?

Radhika- Yes papa, I am going with Nisha.I told you naa, our NGO needs a lawyer.So,Nisha suggested a lawyer & we are going to meet with him.
Dilip- Okay Beta.But first have your breakfast.
Radhika took one sandwich from the plate.
Mala- You are working as a teacher, that’s fine.But why this social working?? You are financially independent.Now, its high time that you settle down in life.
Radhika- mom please not again.I don’t have any plan for marriage. I am very happy with my bachelor life.
Mala(ignoring her)- I saw some good profiles of boys in Bengali Martimony.
Radhika- mom, I am cursing the day in which I taught you the use of Internet.
Mala(now to Dilip)- Its your fault.You always pampered your daughter.Now see the result, she is not even listening to me.
Dilip- relax Mala, its her life. Let her decide.I have full trust on my daughter.
Radhika heard the horn of scooty from outside.Nisha already arrived to pick her up.
Radhika- bye mom, bye dad. (Radhika kissed her mother & left from there).
Radhika wore the helmet & sat on the back of Nisha scooty.”Lets go Nisha”.

Nisha Dutta, she is also a social worker & works in same NGO & a political worker.She also contested in Municipal Election as a Independent candidate.Their NGO needs a good lawyer as their previous lawyer had died in a stroke attack.She was almost 55 years old.So, Nisha suggested a lawyer who is also a good friend of her, Arjun Chatterjee.

Nisha & Radhika reached in resturants.
Nisha- ohh shitt, mar gaye.we are late, Arjun already reached here.ohh, his punctuality.See, he is there.
Radhika looked towards that direction.A young man was sitting there with a newspaper & coffee mug.
Nisha- hii Arjun.How are you?
Radhika just looked at the man infront of her.He looked mysterious & handsome. The most striking features are his eyes.Its intoxicating & captavating but there was a strange sadness in his eyes.
Arjun- I am fine Nisha.But I am not going to ask you the same question, as You looked perfectly fine to me.
Nisha- Arjun, meet my friend Radhika.She also works our NGO plus she is a History teacher.
Arjun- Hello Radhika.( very formally).
Radhika again carefully looked at the man infront of her.He is full of pride.But Radhika started feeling uneasy as her unconscious mind constantly saying that she knew this man.
Nisha- Arjun, I told you in phone that our NGO needs a lawyer.Please Arjun, please.
Arjun- I also told you I stopped taking criminal cases.Now, I only worked as a legal advisor in a financial firm.
Nisha- Why??

Arjun- Personal issue which I don’t want to discuss.You requested so much, that why I came here.Its a NO from my side.
Radhika- Please think again Sir.Its my request.Many women comes in our NGO for help.Its our social duty to fight for them & we need a lawyer .They are trying hard to get justice & you can give them justice.
Arjun looked at Radhika.
Nisha- arre please Arjun.Dont think too much.Afterall, Radhika gave you that much respect by calling you Sir.( with a smirk).I also not thought that much before filing my nominations in Election.
Arjun- hmm, I heard You lost. You not even get 100 votes overall.
Nisha- So what? I don’t care.I loved doing politics from my college days.
Arjun- hmm, nice. Its good to see young people joining politics.Anyway, I have some important work so I have to leave.
Nisha- you didn’t said what you decide?
Arjun- I will call you.Bye girls.
& he left from there.

Nisha- Arjun Chatterjee will definitely not going to change.Moody, short-tempered, sarcastic, proud & all.But you know he is very good person.His parents died in an accident in his childhood.He lives with his grandmother.But you know, Arjun is a strange person.Previously, he worked in a law firm, one of the best in Kolkata.He was assigned in a Acid attack case.You know that culprit was a rich father only son.His father paid so much money to save his son.But Arjun refused to take that case.Infact, he resigned from the firm.
Radhika- You choose right person for our NGO.Hope he agrees.
Nisha- I also hope so.Fingers crossed.
Radhika- that’s why he left criminal case??
Nisha- I don’t think so.He fought a criminal case after that & he won that. No idea. Its hard to understand Arjun.

Thats all for today.Waiting for honest opinions.
Monica Sehgal as Radhika Mishra.
Aham Sharma as Arjun Chatterjee.
Neetha Shetty as Nisha Dutt.

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