Resolution of LOVE (Part 3)


Thapki laughed lovingly and went to the bathroom. As she switches on the shower, she cried. She cried in joy, in realisation that finally she has found a relation where she is equal. On the other side, two drops of tears escaped Bihaan’s eyes as his mind won over his heart. He hastily got up and decided to take a shower in the guestroom.

Thapki slowly opened the bathroom door but surprised not to find her husband there. She was also glad that Bihaan is not there to watch her every move while she prepares her assault of love on him. Thapki brought out the dress which was gifted by her husband on diwali. The magenta salwar is very gorgeous and suits her well. Thapki was combing her hair when Bihaan entered the room.
Bihaan was shocked to see her in that dress. Of course he gifted the dress for a purpose but he was delighted that she wore it finally. But at the very moment, he was angry and hastily walks to her. Thapki!!’ screamed Bihaan. Thapki was prepared for such a reaction and lovingly looked at her husband through the mirror. “What happened Bihaan? You want to use the dressing mirror?” Bihaan was really angry at her questions and suddenly Thapki found herself pinned between the wall and her husband.

“Why you are doing this Thapki? What is the meaning of wearing this dress today?” Bihaan asked impatiently.
“Why Bihaan? Am I not looking good in this?” Asked Thapki mischeviously.
“You are looking like a prin..” Bihaan stopped suddenly. Of course she was looking very pretty but that was not the intentions behind his questions. He again asked her trying to control his rage. “Today is our divorce day Thapki. There is no way you are wearing it impulsively. You have worn it purposefully. I am asking why you have to wear this dress only. You have other dresses to wear. Go and change immediately. We will be late for the court.”

“As for the day, it is our third month anniversary of our marriage. And regarding this dress, my husband bought it for me and that’s why I am wearing it.” Thapki answered serenely.
Bihaan could hardly manage his anger and replied,” I am not your hus…” but Thapki cut him out. “Why? Are you not my husband Bihaan? I may not apply sindoor or wear mangalsutra but the fact remains that I am your wife and you are my husband. You cannot deny the fact.”
Bihaan was so frustrated that he lost his grip on Thapki’s shoulder and sat on the bed holding his head. Thapki smiled at him and went to kneel down before him. Bihaan was hardly managing to keep his stature calmly. He just looked at her and asked her, “What do you want Thapki?”
At that point Bihaan’s phone rang. He calmed himself and answered the call. It was Bauji who went to court to meet the lawyers.
“Bihaan, beta aaj to court aana bekar ho gaya. Aaj court munsifo ki all India strike hain to koi karbai nahi hogi. Tumlogo ki aane ki jarurat nahi hain aur Thapki bitiya ko bhi bol dena.” Bauji explained.
“Lekin kyu Bauji? Aise kaise court nahi chal sakta hain?” Bihaan was getting impatient.
“Woh sab mujhe nahi maloom beta, bas aaj divorce nahi hoga. Lagta hain Matarani ka bhi yahi iccha hain kit um aur Thapki bitiya saath rahe. Accha, ab hum rakhte hain.” Bauji cut the call and Bihaan looked at Thapki helplessly.
There is some strike in court and so divorce procedures are postponed. Tum apna saaman ready kar lo. I will drop you at Sasurji’s.” Bihaan told Thapki.
Thapki laughed. She was so relieved at the sudden bliss by god that could not manage to hold her laughter.
“Lagta hain p se poora aur p se pagal ho gayi ho. Is me hasne wali kya baat hai? Ab utho, hume jana hain.” Bihaan was loosing his temper again.
“Bihaan” Thapki called him. ” Even the god does not want us to separate. So, why are you insisting that I leave you when I want to spend my life with you being your wife?”

It was the last straw of Bihaan’s control. He snapped at Thapki. “Why? Why are you so insisting suddenly that you want to be my wife? In more than two months, you have behaved with me like I am a vermin. You have insulted me again and again and declared that you are ashamed to be my wife. Then why now? Why you want to be my wife suddenly? Am I not the cheater now who has destroyed your life? You are so two-faced Thapki. You claim to be the perfect bahu but you neglected the fact that a bahu comes after wife. If you don’t consider yourself as my wife, how can you be a bahu? I am so fed up with your sanskari bahu and mahanta jaap Thapki. Just leave me alone. And remember that I don’t want you to be my wife. I have already clarified that I don’t want you in my life now, not before and not after. I am happy that these three months are over. Court will not be in strike everyday and then you will have the signed divorce papers from my side.” He left the room leaving Thapki in the same position on the floor.
Thapki was unmoved by Bihaan’s words. She knew that she deserves that all harsh words for judging him too quickly, for overlooking his goodness for a long period. She just whispered, You asked me na Bihaan, what happened to me. LOVE happened Bihaan Pandey. I don’t know when love creeps in between us and made us husband wife. I know that you did not want to marry me; you knew that you were doing wrong but you were forced. Yes. Cheating was done but not to me only but to us.”

She got up and went to the balcony. When Bihaan returned after sometime, he panicked. Bihaan panicked not to found his wife in the room.’ Did she leave without informing me? I used too harsh words for her. May be she decided to leave and did not bother to bid me farewell.” Bihaan thought. Suddenly the room seems too empty. A tear strolled down his cheek when Thapki called.
“Kya hua Chuk chuk gadi? Tum abhi tak gaye nahi?” Bihaan did not leave his last chance to tease her.
Bihaan. Tumhe yaad hai na ek baat? Tumne mujhe bachan diya that ki mai job hi mangogi tum doge. Bas jane se pehle mujhe tumse kuch mangan hai. Kya main maang sakti hu?” Thapki was on verge of breaking down and it broke Bihaan’s heart.
” Ha Thapki, mango na kya maangna hain… aur ek cheese kuy tum do maang sakti ho humse. Kuch dino ke liye hi sahi, pati hain hum tumhare.” Bihaan answered.
” Bihaan mujhe to ek hi cheese mangni thi par tum kehte ho to do cheese hi maang leti hu.” Thapki smiled mischievously but Bihaan was too lost to notice.
” Jo pehla cheese hain woh hain MAAFI. Mujhe tumse maafi chahiye Bihaan. Mujhe maafi chahiye har uss baat ki jo maine jaan bujh ke tumse kaha, tumhari insult ki. Tumhe uss baat ki saja di jo tumse karwaya gaya tha. Tumne mujhe dhoka nahi diya tha Bihaan. Tum uss cheese ki saja lete rahe jo tumne nahi kya. Ho sake to mukhe maaf kar do Bihaan. Meri galti bahat bari hain ki maine tumhe samajh ne me galti thi. Tum to humesha mera bhala hi chahti the. Humare shaadi se pehle bhi aut baad bhi. Maine hi tumhe samajh ne me galti ki. Mujhe maaf kar do Bihaan. Main sach main bhul gayi thi ki bahu banne se pehle me tumhari patni hu aur jindegi ki sabse ahem risto ko maine hi jhoothla diya. Agar tum chahte to mujhe jor kar sakte the apni shaadi ko maan ne mein. Lekin tumne aisa nahi kiya. Mujhe bahat pehle hi pata chal gaya that ki ma ne tumhe majboor kiya tha iss shadi ke liye lekin tumen unhe kabhi dosh nahi diya. Har bakht har sitam, har insult sahte gaye. Ab aur nahi Bihaan. Tumhe bhi haq hain pyaar pane ke, apni jindegi jine ke liye bas uss jindegi main mujhe shamil hona hain” Tears were strolling down while she was speaking.
Bihaan was stiff. He even did not know how to react. Though he slipped last night that if he would not go to marry Thapki, Ma would harm herself, but he did not expect Thapki to know whole truth. He asked stiffly, “How did you know?”
“It did not matter now how I came to know. But I knew a long time ago.”

“Dekho Thapki, hume tumse koi shikayat nahi hai aur na kabhi thi. Tumhe to pata hai ki hum gusse main kuch bhi bolte hain. Humari baato ko dilse mat lagao. Tumhe maafi maangne ki bhi koi jaroorat nahi hain. Ha, hume bura lagta tha jab tum kuch bolti thi par woh humari saja thi aur hume kabool thi. Aab jaldi se dusra bachan mango nahi to tumhe der ho jayegi.” Bihaan answered calmly.
Thapki wiped her tears and smiled her angelic smile. ” It is already too late Bihaan. There is no going from this point. But do you consent me to give the thing I ask next?”
Bihaan just nodded his head affirmatively.
” TUMHARA PYAAR chahiye mujhe. Tumhare saath kindegi bitane ki vada chahiye. Tum galat the Bihaan issbar. Main isiliye divorce nahi chahti thi ke mujhe iss parivar ki izzat ka dart ha lekin isiliye kyuki mujhe mera pati chahiye. Bolo Bihaan. De sakte ho iss ruk ruk ke bolnewali ko apna pyaar? Bana sakte ho mujhe apna jivan saathi?”
Bihaan was too numb to answer. His whole world turned upside down. Thapki was asking his love, the right to be his wife for whole life. He just told her simply, ” Hume tumhari ruk ruk ke bolne si kabhi problem nahi thi Thapki.”
“I know Bihaan. The things you told me were the metaphor. It was somebody else’s word which was directed to me through you. You never have problem with me. Par sawal yeh nahi tha mera, maine tumse pyaar maanga hain, jo mera hain.” By seeing the shocked look at Bihaan’s face, Thapki continued, ” ohh Bihaan!! I know you love me. You love me more than anyone else. You love me as I am. You love my soul Bihaan, not my mere face. That is why my stammering does not bother you as you understand my heart, even without speakning. Just a look on my face and you know what I want. Even today morning, you realised that I am wearing this dress purposefully. Then why did not you realise that I love you too, I love you too Bihaan Pandey!! I love yo..” But she was abruptly stopped as Bihaan’s lips found hers. She smiled; she cried and gave in to the love which was reciprocated by her husband.

After an eternity, Bihaan was holding Thapki’s face and looking at her. Thapki, too shy to look into his eyes, was struggling to hide her face on his chest. “Bihaan!” Thapki whispered.
“Bolo Thapki.” Bihaan did not bother to lose her from his embrace.
“Abhi ek kaam baaki hain. Kya tum niche jaake sab ko mandir bula sakte ho?”
Bihaan was surprised at her request but obliged. Thapki came near the dressing table and bring out the sindoor container and her managlsutra.
Everyone except Dhruv and Shradha was present when Thapki reached the mandir. Bauji tried to inquire but Thapki did not answer. She just hold Bihaan’s hand and stood before the idols.
“Bihaan, kya tum mujhe apni patni hone ka haq de rahe ho?”
Everyone was shocked. Ma and Bauji tried to interrupt but the seriousness of Thapki’s words held them. On the other hand Bihaan was also shocked but when he noticed the sindoor, he understood what Thapki wanted him to do.
He took the sindoor ki dibbi and filled Thapki’s maang with a pinch of sindoo. Thapki closed her eyes when her husband finally colored her forehead with his love. Yes, he did fill her maang once before, but this time it was different. This time it was willingly done and with love. Bihhan voluntarily took the mangalsutra and tied it around his wife’s neck.

After answering all the questions and finally having some mithais and food, Thapki and Bihhan returned to their room. As they entered, both were shocked to see the room. Thapki was very much wondering absence of Preeti and Suman Bhabi in the evening. Now their room explained their absence as the whole room was decorated with fresh flowers and their bed was beautifully prepared for their very first real first night.
Bihaan uttered, “Gajab”. He was too embarrassed to look at Thapki. Thapki was red in face and finding it difficult to enter the room. Slowly she entered and stole a glance at Bihaan. Sensing her discomofort, Bihaan told her to be change and freshen up and went to the balcony. Thapki stood still for some moments and went to the bathroom. After a long shower, she came to the room and found Bihaan on their nest.
“Thapki, tum yeh phul hatake bed pe so jao. Hum bhi fresh hokar niche so jaate hain.” Bihaan told her.
Thapki did not utter a single word. Bihaan went to the bathroom and after a while when he returned, Thapki was cutting his mate. Bihaan was shocked and he shouted.” Yeh kya kar rahe ho?”
“Kyu? Tumhi ne kaha hai na ki pyaar aur jung me sab jayez hain? Aur yeh PYAAR hain!!” Thapki too shouted.
Bihaan came near her and both laughed. Finally two lonely souls found their soul mates and with this peace of mind, both them went to sleep in each other’s arm

Credit to: Puspanjalee

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