Resolution of LOVE (Part 2 )


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Part II

Thapki was awestruck. Awestruck with the words of Bihaan. Oh Bihaan!’ Thapki whispered her husband’s name as if she is praying and her whole life depends upon that name. You fool! Doesn’t your life depend upon this name?’ Thapki shut her eyes tightly as a lone tear escaped her eyelashes. No. She will not cry now. She has cried enough. She cried for loosing Dhruv sir, she cried for the cheating that has happened with her, she cried for every humiliation she got from ma and Shradha. Now, enough is enough. Thapki wiped the tears and began to think. Tonight is her supposedly last night at Pandey Niwas and if she does not act now, it will be too late. Too late to let the cheater know that he means the whole world to her now.

When Thapki came to know that she is Bihaan’s wife, her world took a reverse turn. All the hopes, all the dreams were shattered. But it is also Bihaan’s cheating that hurt her more. Even before her marriage, every time she was in trouble, the hand that helped her was of Bihaan’s. Bihaan and she are opposite poles. Since their first meeting, both of them only argued with each other and left no stone unturned to insult the other one. But Bihaan helped her when no one was there to help Thapki. He rescued her from Shakshi mam and that God forsaken hotel when she lost every hope. Her belief over Bihaan’s goodness shattered when it was started. She was not only upset that she lost Dhruv Sir but it was Bihaan, her lone rescuer, who cheated her so badly. Thapki did not come to know the circumstances why Bihaan married her until a few weeks ago. But it was late already and it is no point to bring out the truth in front of others to humiliate ma. She always loved that woman as her own mother and her betrayal shattered Thapki once again. She did not have the wish to discuss that matter even with Bihaan.

But Thapki was ashamed, ashamed of her stubbornness, her prejudice and self pity. No doubt she suffered heart break but Bihaan suffered most. His own family turned against him. She did not leave any opportunity to insult Bihaan in front of everyone and he, being the selfless person he is, tolerated everything for ma. “Oh, Bihaan, how will I ask for your forgiveness?” a violent sob escaped from Thapki. Thapki is an intelligent girl and she realised long time ago during the super bahu competition that she is in love. Finally Thapki was in love. With Dhruv Sir, Thapki felt secured and loved but the intensity of feelings that she feels for Bihaan is new and fierce. It threatens to overwhelm Thapki’s very existence with its rawness and magnitude. Dhruv Sir made her feel secured but Bihaan makes her feel content and happy. Bihaan makes her feel loved and cared as an equal. Dhruv Sir demanded that she must confess in order to utter that three words himself but Bihaan does not even ask anything in return of his love. Oh, Thapki knows it very well that her husband loves her with his soul.

Though he pretends that he does not care for her or the divorce, Thapki knows that his heart is shattered right now. She was in delusion that she cannot love him as he has cheated her but the fact is that Thapki herself fell for him a long time ago. Thapki also knows that she was never in love with Dhruv Sir. He was only the notion of love in her perfectness-seeking world. She could never be equal to him in that relationship. She feels equal with Bihaan only for whom Thapki’s wish and opinions matter. The last obstacle in her hesitancy for Bihaan was cut by the marriage truth. But did it matter for her heart? No, her heart has long ago started to beat for her husband, her saat janmo ke saathi.

Thapki stood up abruptly. She was sure that right now Bihaan will be on terrace just like every time he is upset. Bihaan has taken lots of towards her by loving her unconditionally. Now it is her turn to meet him on the middle of the bridge. As the time ticks, she did not have much time left. She has to run and so does Thapki ran to the terrace.

Bihaan was lost in his thought when he heard her footsteps. He tried to calm his heart and managed to get a decent composure. He will not let his wife to see him in this shattered stage. B for Bihaan Pandey is a man and he will act as a man. He will… Bihaan!”… damn that woman, Bihaan thought, why she had to utter his name with such intensity when he is trying to distance himself from her?

Kya hain Thapki? Tum hume aaj bhi s for shanty aur s for shukun se rahne nahi dongi kya? Kal to jaa rahi ho, kam se kam aaj to hume baksh do?’ Bihaan once again yelled at Thapki.

Thapki tried not to cry but the rudeness cut her abruptly and she broke down into tears. She loved that man, she wanted to tell him that she did not want the divorce, not to save the family’s honour but for himself. She tried to speak but his shattered gaze held her captive. On the other hand Bihaan was lost what to do to see Thapki crying. He did not want to make her cry but here, his love was crying because of his rudeness. He suddenly grip his hands on Thapki’s shoulder and said, “Plz mat ro. Tumhe pata hain na ki hume tumhare aasu pasand nahi hain?” It took Thapki several minutes to make her calm again.

Ab bolo? Kuch kam tha humse?” Bihaan asked.

“Bihaan, main to bas yeh kehne aayi thi ke kal divorce..”

But Bihaan abruptly cut her, “Rehne do Thapki. Hum jaante hain kit um sirf bauji ke liye yeh divorce nahi chahti taki unki izzat bani rahe. Lekin hume azad kar do Thapki. Aab yeh naatak humse nahi honga. Hum bhi to insaan hain na, hume bhi hak hain khush hone ka, apni jindegi apni marzi se jine ka, jaise ki tumhe bhi hain. Hum nahi chahte ki humare ya humare parivar ke liye tum phirse yeh unchahi rishte se bandhe raho. Hum chahte hain ki tum aage barho, apni jindegi main, apne career main. Hum to thahre paachi fail, lekin tum to itni samajhdar ho, itni acchi degree hai tumhari, to tum kahi main bhi acchi job kar sakte ho. Apne aap ko baksh do Thapki, apni ek pehchan banao. Pandey khandan tumhara parichay nahi ho sakta, tumhe apni pehchan khud banana hain.”

Lekin Bihaan, tum..” Thapki tried to speak her mind. But again Bihaan did not let her. ” Hum? Hum kya Thapki? Hum to hum hi hain aur rahenge. Tumhare saat itna galat karne ke babojood hum yaha pe khade hain, yahi humare liye kafi hain. Hum to bas tumhe aage badna dekhna chahte hain, bas. Baki koi tension hume nahi hain. Tum khush raho yahi humare liye kafi hain. Bas aab apne saat aut jyaati hone mat dena. Kal tum pandey se chaturvedi ban jao aur apni ek nayi pehchan banao. Bas yeh yaad rakhna ke jab bhi koi musibat aayegi to tum hume apne saat paogi. Ab raat bahat ho gayi hai, chalo so jate hain. Kal ka din bahat lamba hone wala hain.” And he left her like that.

Thapki could not restrain her and she wept. “Tum itna pyaar kaise kar sakte ho Bihaan ke mujhe mere liye hi chod rahe ho? Maine tumse kitna kuch kaha, kitna kuch sunaya, kitni battamiji ki, phir bhi itna pyaar kyu karte ho? Mujhe bhi nahi malum mai kyu tumse pyaar karne lagi ho, kab tumse pyaar karne lagi hoon, lekin ek baat hai ki tumhari yahi acchaio ne mujhe tumhara banaya hain. I love you Bihaan Pandey, I love you so much. Musibat ke bakht nahi Bihaan, mujhe tumhara sath har bakht chahiye. Main ek pehchan banaogi par usme tum mere saat hoge. Aur yeh pehchan main Thapki Bihaan Pandey banke banaogi. Tum mujhe mahaan aatma bolte ho, par tum khud jyada mahan ban rahe ho. Tumhe apni parba kab hogi, Bihaan? Aab bas aur nahi. Main tumhe chod ke kahi nahi jaane wali. Mai yahi rahungi, tumhare paas aur tumhare saat hui har nainsafi ko thik karugi.’

When Thapki reached their room, Bihaan was already on the floor pretending to be fast asleep. Thapki went to the bathroom and washed her tear-stained face. When she stood before the dressing table, Thapki opened the lowermost drawer of the table. Her mangalsutra, her chuda, her sindur..Thapki longingly watch all the objects. Bihaan Pandey, tum mere baato pe yakin shayad nahi karoge, lekin humari shadi ke in nishaniyao me to yakin kar sakte ho na? Waise bhi mere paas tumhare diye hua ek bachan hain, jo maine sambhal ke rakha hua hain. Ab bakht aa gaya hain ki main use istemaal karu. Tayaar ho jao B for Bihaan Pandey, apni patni ke nakhre uthane ke liye, apni patni ke pyaar main dub jaane ke liye. Main apne aap se vada karti hunk e tumhe itna pyaar doongi ke saat janam bhi kam par jayenge unsobko samet ne ke liye. Bas aaj ki raat akele raho tum kyuki kal se humari nayi jindegi shuru hone wali hain, aur yeh jindegi sirf humari hogi, sirf humari.”

Credit to: Puspanjalee

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