the resident evil: episode 2

location:a board meeting room in the hive underground in washington d.c.

“so ladies and gentlemen who have come to the second official board meeting of the umbrella corporation’s hive semester . thank you for your attendance.i laksh copperfield introduce you our two brilliant scientists mr. david watson and mr.copurnicus who have been working on a bioweapon named t-virus and have been successful so far as good . let me hand over the microphone to you guys”he said in a sober tone.

“hello i am david “”and i am copernicus ”

david says”t-virus is a serum which when comes in contact with the blood of any creature kills the creature immeadiately . our group of scientists have been working day and night and have successfully created an anti-serum . but it is not still ready . it do have some side effects which are yet to be unfolded . this serum needs to be perfected with time . so i would like to request a 6-month time period for the better understanding of the serum”he quite tensed.

“but we have already given you two years . another six months will be a great loss to us . “said mr.woodland the head of the western part of united states of america.

“yes i agree . when you know the consequences there is not a need to worry about the side effects . by hook or crook it will kill the creature”said mr.dorbenier head of the alaskan hive .

there were five more heads of the hives of the north american states present who agreed with mr.dobernier.

“but we need just some more time to analyse the serum”said copernicus

“ok i will handle it from here. candor dismissed “said laksh copperfield

the rest others just dissappeared from there. they were holograms .yes holograms. they were sitting in their own hive and communicating through holographical telecommunications.

“three months !!!!that’s it . three months and not more than that. in three months you will be completing the analysis you need to. it’s an order” said laksh and dissappeared just like the others.

but the two scientists were present there in real.david kicked one of the chairs there and said” three months my foot. that is half the time we requested ”


location:a laboratory where the serum is produced ,inside the hive underground in washington d.c.

a scientist is injecting the serum in small air-lock test tubes along with the anti-serum in another test tube through robot panelising that is using a robot’s hand rather than his own.he is wearing a bomb suit in white as well as a air cleanser helmet jacketed with white tetra covering.

he put the serum and the anti-serum test tubes in a air-tight suitcase and locked it . he took another test tube filled with the bioweapon serum and burst it in the a.c. air duct which connects the whole of the building even the pharmaceutical sector which is above the ground.

his face is not shown due to the mask he’s been wearing which also protects him from the serum flyash which may arise due to the bursting of the bioweapon in the air duct.he said”today i am going to be a trillionaire”.

he gets away through a secret passage leading to a mansion above ,far away from the corporation buidling. he removes the suit and the mask . he is revealed to be copernicus .he goes to take a shower in the mansion. the mansion is a secret getaway from the hive.

as he was finished he dressed up and began to watch the t.v. he switched on the a.c. and to his dismay it was also connected to the ducts of the hive and this fact was unknown to him. he felt dizzy and was unconscious on the sofa on which he was sitting satisfactorily.

he fell into the puddle he had made for others thereby starting the outrageous turning point of the world.a poster is shown in the same room on which it is written “bad is good,evil is better,wicked is the best”


swara west, the head of the security of the hive of washington d.c. entered a mansion giving her authorised eye indentificatory semblence to the camera in front of the mansion . it was another secret getaway from the hive. while taking a shower she fell unconscious with the shower on ,due to the opening of an air duct which is for the departure of the excess steams during a shower.


precap:threat to humanity.will the red queen take tremendous measures or is this the end of humanity?????what’s your perspective?

let me know through your comments

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