the required kriyyam scene – part 5 (Esha’s special )

Hey guys its a small part…… I will post daily…..

Saiyyam was sitting in the room….krish enters…

Saiyyam:- Krishna

Krishna:- haa

Saiyyam;- y u r doing this fast?

Krishna:- for suhani aunty…she will feel better

Saiyyam:- surf unke liye

Krishna:- kya frk pasta hai tumhe….

Saiyyam stands up n move towards her….

Saiyyam hold her n hug her tightly…n start crying

Krishna make him sit n consoles him

Saiyyam start telling about his past….

Saiyyam:- I get matured at an early stage….I always have a question….who is my mum…my dad…..y m in the orphanage…..people always have sympathy… Not love……Luke u have Krishna

Krishna:- sympathy…. Huh…..

SaiyyM proceeds:- then one day a wonam came yo meet me….

To be continued

Precao:- who is soundrya????? + kriyaam liplock


  1. shivani

    Amazing one mystery.
    Awaited your works for hell lot of time. It has been a long time amd this was just what we needed for a compensation. Beautiful start and hugely emotional one. Knowing about sayyam’s past is every kriyam fan’s dream and therefore I sincerely thank you for this marvellous one shot.

    Do continue soon. The news that you will post daily is a much-needed remedy for the grief-stricken world.
    God bless…

  2. Dinu

    H i’m a silent reader.2dy ep was short.I hope nxt one will be longer. Can u plz update ur other ff sweet world of krishna and sayyam. Plz plz.I love dat ff

  3. Dinu

    I’m extremely sry dr.actually I read all of ur i’m confused about mrs.krishna sayyam birla is ur ff right. Plz post dat ff also. I love dat ff too.once again sry dr.

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.