the required kriyyam scene – part 5 (Esha’s special )

Hey guys its a small part…… I will post daily…..

Saiyyam was sitting in the room….krish enters…

Saiyyam:- Krishna

Krishna:- haa

Saiyyam;- y u r doing this fast?

Krishna:- for suhani aunty…she will feel better

Saiyyam:- surf unke liye

Krishna:- kya frk pasta hai tumhe….

Saiyyam stands up n move towards her….

Saiyyam hold her n hug her tightly…n start crying

Krishna make him sit n consoles him

Saiyyam start telling about his past….

Saiyyam:- I get matured at an early stage….I always have a question….who is my mum…my dad…..y m in the orphanage…..people always have sympathy… Not love……Luke u have Krishna

Krishna:- sympathy…. Huh…..

SaiyyM proceeds:- then one day a wonam came yo meet me….

To be continued

Precao:- who is soundrya????? + kriyaam liplock

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  1. Again shot one plz try to update long epi. BTW nice epi

  2. Mystry plz also update krishna ff.

    1. Mystery

      I will update soon

      1. Ill be waiting

  3. Amazing one mystery.
    Awaited your works for hell lot of time. It has been a long time amd this was just what we needed for a compensation. Beautiful start and hugely emotional one. Knowing about sayyam’s past is every kriyam fan’s dream and therefore I sincerely thank you for this marvellous one shot.

    Do continue soon. The news that you will post daily is a much-needed remedy for the grief-stricken world.
    God bless…

    1. Mystery

      Thanks dear………

  4. Aarti32

    It was too short..N plzz update soon..

  5. Awesome

  6. Nice…but update soon

  7. H i’m a silent reader.2dy ep was short.I hope nxt one will be longer. Can u plz update ur other ff sweet world of krishna and sayyam. Plz plz.I love dat ff

    1. Mystery

      Sweet world of Krishna is not my ff dear

    2. Mystery

      Thanq…but sweet world …is not my ff

  8. Mystery nycly written…and can’t wait to read kriyyam liplock…& who is soudharya??

    1. Mystery

      In show saiyyam was obce talking to someone on phone……i thinks that was soundarya

  9. I’m extremely sry dr.actually I read all of ur i’m confused about mrs.krishna sayyam birla is ur ff right. Plz post dat ff also. I love dat ff too.once again sry dr.

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