Hai frnds…This is shubhadha..I am happy that there are so many fans for Aradhika and Nesam…I read so many FF’s on manmarziyan page.So many stop their stories..At least write two episodes for a week.I am busy in my work.Even though i open the page and wait for postings. Actually one reason for my late postings are always i am busy in reading Manmarziyan FF’s.I am silent reader.Sometimes i give comments.. but most of the times i am waiting for new postings..So,I spend my time on manmarziyan page only..Plz writers complete our stories and give happiness to readers…
Manmarziyan…A divya.
Enimes frm childhood…by Astha
DYM-My Life Conditions…by Apara
Manmarziyan..Love you for Supriya
Never Let You Go…by dipika
Teri Meri Jerly Angel
Love has no Supriya
Manmarziyan..The lines of Gianna Amy
Manmarziyan..A new bond…by Sv
Manmarziyan..There is no escape from Love…by Swathi
Manmarziyan..A new Story…By Shree
Manmarziyan..with more crazy Hateera
Manmarziyan..My impossible Sathya
Manmarziyan..A new rosie
Manmarziyan..Valentine Irena
Resonance…by Madhumitha
Ek lada kha tha diwani sa.Ek ladikki dhi diwani…by Mittu
Manmarziyan..A new Rishi
A tale of hatered into Renu…
And so on…lot os Ffs are there…So guys plz complete our ffs with good ending like Desires and Enimity to love….
Sorry frnds…If i forgot anybody…But who write ffs on Aradhika and nesam they are my frnds.Always i read each and every ffs on our manmarziyan page.So frnds including me we try to complete our stories with good end.I know still i remember concept but i am little bit confused about titles..i am sorry if i hurt anybody by this postage…bye and take care frnds who write ffs and who read them and give suggestions and who read silently…
By Shubhadha

Credit to: Shubhadha

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  1. Meghna shanti

    Hey you forgot
    Manmarziyan destiny passin obsession
    That’s my fav ff

    1. No need to mention Bcz gauri di wll be regular wth her updates

    2. It is in regular update i didnt mention it.

  2. Ya I to agree with you… I to request them to be regularly but they also will be busy to manage thre personal life v hve to consider tht also… So whn u ar free plss update ur ffs…..EK KAHANI MANMARZIAN by deepthi I miss it so much I request her to continue the plot nd ARJUN AND RADS CRAZY LOVE by depa I love those to very mush I request DEEPTHI ND DEPA to continue thre plot whn they ar free remaining ffs whom you hve mentioned they ar posting weekly once atleast but these two ffs I’m missing from months…plss post whn you ar free

  3. Yeah I agree…. Plzz writers don’t leav ur ff incomplete… If u r bzy thn post only on weekends or else end the story by giving suitable ending…

    For me d most awaited one z ” story drawn together” by kfar… Plz if anyone can contact her tel her to complete dat atlest… ❀

  4. Hey bt apra is recovering frm her accident so she is unwell…..

  5. I agree with u I think they should their stories they amazing all f them plz if ur reading plz complete ur stories…… plzplz…. Plz. Plz. Plz. Plz. Thank u and tc

  6. There is one Ffestiniog called “Can love sprakle? ” pls do continue as it’s was really good one. Pls don’t take it personally.

  7. hey frds ?
    Thanks for considering my stories “Desires” and “Feelings” soon I’ll post in fact I’m just writing and I’ll post as soon as I complete this episode ?

  8. Hey Subhadha Thank you sooooo much for mentioning me and reading my ff…Thanks for your unconditional love dear..this kind of pat always encourage me…n i promise you that i will complete my ff Never let you go on happy note..pls give your reviews n love always like this always dear…Again Thank you Darling…love u..tight hug..muhhaa.. tc..

  9. Hiee all im sv . Dear subhadha thank u for mentioning my ff too dear.
    To all out there sry first for not updating my ff coz I have got my exams. May 15th I’ll update it dear. Promise. I have my MBA exams writing my second year both sems together.
    Once that is over then no problem at all to stop me from updating the ff.

    1. And 1 more thing I promise you that I will finish the ffs im writing. I swear that.

  10. Thanks for mentioning my ff…….

  11. Thank u for mentioning my ff I also read all other ffs and wish that they end on a good note. I try to be regular but my work schedule comes in the way sometimes but promise to finish my ff and on a happy note as well.

  12. Thanks dear for mentioning those ffs….even m missing it…about mine I was busy with my exams…I’ll b regular from now on….i missed thena’s cls…

  13. Shubadha thanks for mentioning my ff imwas busy with exams from now I will try to give regular update

    1. Hey rishi tum…how are u?…iam very happy to see ur comment…ur dp is change…pls continue after ur exam…I really miss ur story…thanks…

      1. thanks susi for remembering my ff. i will upload soon.

  14. Thank you for mentioning my ff… Will try posting… Lack of time..

    Love you ??

  15. Same here please manmarziyan ff writers please don’t stop writing ur ff m a silent reader I only comemt when I m free but I do comment sometimes but u all are awesome and too good and whoever wrote this article thank u so much because I also have the same request

  16. Thanks for mentioning my ff…..I am busy with my 12 but will try my best to update soon….sorry for late updates…

  17. Dear really I was thinking abt dis only πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ finally u unloaded dis πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Hai my dear lovely writers u guys r really gifted πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ pls do write dearies v r badly missing ur ff dearies πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ thena- can love sparkle n deepthi- rk kahani πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ some people took brake for their exams but pls my lovely ladies pls do cont after ur exams πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ love u all πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  18. I request thena(can love sparkle) and kfar(dt1and dt2) please update regularly

  19. Hi thx subhadha. …love you soooooooo muchhhhhh for this request. ..I’m also waiting for most of the ffs….I’m love them all from the bottom of my heart. you loads. . Muaaaaahhhhhh

  20. I request thena to please come back soon….i m dying for ‘can love sparkle’…..please update soon………….

  21. I request thena to come back soon………i m dying for ‘can love sparkle’……please update soon……..

  22. Hey Thena and farha plz update ur stories too.

  23. Very true….feeling soo depressed fr not getting ta updates..many writers are winning our heart with teir ffs but trueky disappointing us by making us wait fr weeks n months…also im nt gettin option to commnt on few ffs by thena n kfar….any idea abt it…as i hav comnt option fr all othr ffs…

  24. Thena ‘s can love sparkle and kfar billionare banker and the chirp beauty and drawn together( now string of hearts) .. You forgot to mention which are love…. And yep I also read mostly all the ff on mmz… Some I dnt know so thank you for mentioning them !!! πŸ™‚

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