Request for Love (INTRO & EPISODE 1)


Well, hello! How are you doing? Let’s not waste time. Let me introduce my new fan fiction of my own without any characters from the serial.  Its a love story of a school going boy and a school going girl. They would be classmates.They would be living in the same area. The boy knows where is the girl’s house but the girl doesn’t know where is the boy’s house. They’ll be fighting when they met first time but slowly after one year their bond will get stronger and they become friends. They will be going in the same auto as they are in same area.  .Let’s start with the introduction .

Satyapriya : A fun loving boy. Average in studies and sports. He is a caring boy. He doesn’t hurts anyone.

Swayam : A straight forward girl. Very brilliant in studies and sports.

Tulip : Swayam’s friend. She likes her a lot. She doesn’t likes Satyapriya.

Ritesh : Satyapriya’s friend. He is fond of him . He likes swayam and is friendly to everyone.

Shivangi :She goes in the same auto with Swayam and Satyapriya. She was his previous classmate . But now she is not because sections are changed.

Vivek :Satyapriya’s friend

Sudeepta :Satyapriya’s friend

Anwesha :Swayam’s friend

Amiya :Swayam’s friend

Shreya :Swayam’s friend
Any other characters will be known to you later .
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Episode 1 :

It was a pleasant day. Everyone was busy with work . All the students were hurried as the sections were shuffled . A girl came hurrying and bumped into someone.  The girl says sorry. The boy had an angry look at her . The had not seen each other ever before .She stares her for a moment . The boy starts to scold her and the girl couldn’t resist and she also starts to scold . Then the teacher comes and stops them . She asks their sections and both say “E”. They gave an angry look to each other . Finally they proceeded to their section .The bell rang . They went to the assembly. After the prayer , they sat in their seats . The teacher told to give their introduction.  Everyone one gave . Some students were left .

Shreya: I’m Shreya  from section F
Anwesha : Anwesha from section A
Amiya :Myself Amiya from section B
Tulip : Myself Tulip from section F
Vivek :I’m  Vivek from section B
Sudeepta :I’m Sudeepta from section C
Ritesh :I’m Ritesh from section A
Boy : I’m Satyapriya from section B
Girl :I’m Swayam from section D .

The day passed gently with the Satyapriya’s and Swayam’s quarrel.At the end of the day auto uncle announced that a new girl is coming to the auto. The next when the new girl came . Satyapriya was totally shocked to see that it was none other than Swayam.  She was also very shocked but she was happy with Shivangi. 

Uncle :Satya , bring her to the auto because she doesn’t know where it stays . Ok?

Satyapriya : Why ? I’m not going to take her anywhere.

Uncle : Please bring her .

Satyapriya : Ok !

Precap : Swayam and Satyapriya to become partners in dance

Guys! Read my new ff Romedra and tell how is it?

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  1. Nandana

    Nice intro dear and episode also was been nice I really liked it update the next soon dear 🙂 🙂 :). And I was been eagerly waiting for this from yesterday when u told me and now only they updated . 🙁 🙁


      Thanks dear ! Its very nice of you

    2. Siddhi

      Hi nandana I have also wrote a Ff of my own imagination.It’s name is Avajun please do read and comment and tiled tomorrow Naagin (Rihanna forever) season-2 will be awaited

  2. Siddhi

    Very nice intro and episode and do read my Ffestiniog Avajun it’s my own imagination


      Thanks, Siddhi ! I will surely read

  3. Monesha

    Hi dear it was so lovely. Very nice intro and episode sorry for my late comment it is Bcoz of my school. I loved it dear keep rocking…. Waiting for next eagerly. Love you a lotttttt ❤❤❤


      Thanks! Monesha
      I felt very happy when I saw your comment. Thanks again for commenting.

  4. Brin

    Nice start, continue with the story. 🙂


      Thanks Brin ! Keep commenting….????

  5. Sunehri

    Good one

    Keep going

    Sunehri mehta ♡


      Thanks Sunehri♡

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