Reporters season 3 – The beginning


Hi guy’s.. I’m not writing any episodes for season 2.. I would actually write just a storyline for my imaginary season 2.

The series may start with Kabir very strict and professional in office, and no Annanya. As Kabir goes home, Tarini opens the door. Kabir, Tarini, Anurag, and a little girl sitting for dinner. Again no Annanya. The little girl is named Kaya. She is non other than Kabir and Annanya’s daughter. Later Kabir stands in front of Annanya’s photo and says “When will u cone back to us?”
One day Anita and Arman comes to Kabir’s house. He is very happy to see them. Anita sees Annanya’s photo on the wall and says, “Kabir , now its high time for you to accept the truth. People who go don’t come back. You should accept the truth and tell Kaya about it. What’s the point in living in a false hope?” Kabir says, “Ma you also didn’t accept papa’s death. And I know , Annanya will come back surely.” ” It’s going be two years now.” Kabir grinned,” Two years!! Only!! I can wait for my whole life and I know someday she’ll come.”

In office, kkn is doing good. Sunny and Baby are engaged. Manav’s is happy with his show, which is at the 2nd position. He has given up being jealous of Kabir’s show which is as usual at the first place. Richa likes Daljit but he is attracted to Smriti, Annanya’s replacement. Nevertheless the five are friends.
Meanwhile, Kabir works tirelessly and takes good care of Kaya. He sometimes remembers the moments he shared with Annanya. Their marriage, Kaya’s birth, their happiness, some romantic momments they had shared , are showed via Kabir’s memory.
Meanwhile terrorist attacks have increased all over the world. Kabir plans to tell about a recent attack. That day he got a bit emotional while reading his bulletin. The newcomers of the channel were surprised as they had only seen the hitlery and don’t care mood of The Kabir Sharma. Smriti asks about this to Richa. She also got emotional and didn’t say anything. Later Kabir has some flashbacks in his dreams and he wakes up startled.

Later Daljeet says Smriti the actuall story. It is now showed Annanya and Kabir, the happily married couple prepares for Kaya’s 3 years birthday. Annanya gets Tinu’s call that some terrorists are hiding at a place. She goes there with Sunny. Kabir wants to go as it is dangerous but Annanya wants him to complete the preparations for Kaya’s birthday. So Kabir sent Khurana and his team behind Annanya. But when Khurana reached the spot, he saw there were no terrorists. Sunny was laying unconscious on the floor. No trace of Annanya was there. Kabir hurried there on getting the news. He was completely shattered. He suddenly found something on the floor and pocketed it. Nobody knew what it was. Everyone believed Annanya must have died. But Kabir refused to believe this. He waited for Annanya to come back again and he is still waiting.

Credit to: Upasana

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  1. Nice upasana

  2. Omg plz don’t kill ananya plz plz plz ???????

    1. At least she has used her own idea. Not like u and ur sis, copying others article. U know what, u and ur sis are plagiarisers!!! Check dictionary for ur poor vocabulary

      1. Didi, it has just been a coincidence that the ideas matched. I dont want to disrespect you for the amount of immense respect you have given me after reading all this comments. But don’t u think ananya didi never gave up? I agree she used me but when she wrote, she was only competing and the speed u wrote and not at the content. Please don’t get angry at me because I just listened to my didi.

      2. First thing, tell ur di to use her own does and not mine. Richa’s plot against Ananya is my part. And for the first time I have heard a brother saying that his sister used him

      3. She herself confessed that she used me because I was more respected but I still am not angry at he. Because she is my sister.

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