Reporters Season 2


Annanya dressed in the bridal wear of red satan with golden head piece which shone brighter over her fair forhead is in her room adorning herself with the most beautiful shade of red bangles ever found and what made them more special was that it was kabir sharma,s choice.just then anita kashup with teary eyes enters her room and tells her that if her father would have been alive he would have been so much proud of her daughter .it looks only yesterday when annanya was born and she grow up so soon that her own mother couldn,t tell has she fully grown up?and today she was getting married and after all kabir sharma was sudhir kashup,s trust ,annanya asks her mother to not to cry as she is not leaving city she,ll always be nearby.anita hugs her and cries.just then arman enters and asks mom to stop cryng as annanya looks fat with washed up makeup .they all comes rushing and heralds barat has come.anita and arman leave.
baby teases annaya about kabeer.she says he is looking for her even in barat.annanya blushes.richa calls baby out.annanya remembers the tough time he and kabeer made through.she prays to God to keep her love blooming and powerful as it is now and make her not only a good wife but a good friend too.
kabir enters the house the red and black sherwani is making him look srk,anita does his tilak,he is about to make his first step just then richa and baby block his path saying if he wants to get annanya he has to fulfil their demands.kabeer smiles and asks what ?they say no.1 he,ll not behave as a boss here
no.2 he has to bribe them to get through as they are her only sister in laws.kabeer again smiles and is about to give money as gifts to both of them.sunny and daljeet stop him and they says we are from bridegroom,s side we came to take girl not give something.richa and baby both say in one tone then stay here we wont let you cross.daljeet picksup richa and sunny picksup baby and kabeer enters .All share a hearty laugh.kabeer looks here n there.arman whispers to him that didi is in her room .he has a deal if kabeer fulfils he,ll take him tto her room as marriage will take time.if he doesn,t agree then he has to bear it till rituals begin.kabeer excited to see annanya as his bride agrees readily and they slip through all people silentlty.

PRECAP:baby and richa take annanya to mandup kabeer is in ecstacy and couldnt moves his eyes off her,they take pheras and do the seven promises of marriage with seven memories of past where they fulfilled the promises with good heart.

Credit to: Delima

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