Reporters Season 2: The finale


Kabir had read the letter and known how Annanya managed to lull the terrorists and prooved that she was angry with the administration and for a change wanted to be a rebell. The country and it’s people had taken her father away from her so she wanted revenge. They incorporated her in their group and after training and all assigned her to make bomb blasts in Delhi and take her revenge. She had written of a place where they were going to meet and wanted Kabir to inform Khurana and catch them.
Kabir made a plan and told Khurana, Tarini, Richa, Lakshman, Tinu,Sunny and Baby to help him. First Kabir Alone went to the place but he got caught. The terrorists had followed Annanya and known that she was betraying them so they had made her captive.
Now Kabir and Annanya were tied and taken to another place, so Khurana and his team found no one there. But Lakshman , Sunny and Richa were following Kabir and they found the place where they were taken. They informed Khurana. He reached there and there was an encounter where most of the terrorists died. So the leader along with the remaining, hold Kabir and Annanya captive and demanded to let them go or find the two dead. Khurana tried in many ways but found no other way. The administration would not let the terrorists go. Khalid tried in many ways to change the administration’s decision but it yielded nothing.
Richa getting disturbed by this fact stealthily got inside and somehow managed to reach Kabir and Annanya. She somehow opened Kabir from the ties but before they could free Annanya the leader came in. He and his men pointed guns at them and warned them not to act smart.
Now at this do or die situation, Kabir started playing psychological games. He said,”What will you get, if you kill us? The government won’t let you go away. More than our lives, lives of thousands of innocent people matters to them much.” The leader shouts, ” For you two I’ve lost my people. And this girl thought us idiots, she thinks she can betray us?? Too smart huh!! You have to die.” ” Hold on , hold on, look you will not get anything by killing her. Richa will show you the secret way how she came inside and you can get away from there. But she will not tell if you hurt us. Right Richa?” Richa understood and nodded.
On reaching the way out, Kabir tried to get out and lock the terrorists inside. They broke into a fight. But his plan failed. The leader pointed gun at Annanya and the others held Kabir captive. Richa in the meantime has vanished. One of the miscreants went to look for her. Kabir screamed helplessly. The leader shot Annanya. But Richa came and pushed Annanya to one side. In the process she got a the gunshot in her hand. The leader was furious,” You damn girl, too smart huh!! Ok then you first pop off” and saying this he shot Richa. Annanya cried out. “No need to cry, you will be with her soon.” Just as he was going to shoot Annanya, Khurana shot his hand. The terrorists seeing no way out took cyanide pills before the police could stop them.
Richa was dead. Annanya cried continuously for her. Her joy of getting back home was overshadowed by the sorrow of her best friend’s demise. Kabir consoled her.
Getting the news everyone was overjoyed. But after hearing about Richa, everyone was sad. Annanya had to go to police station where they informed that Annanya would be interrogated later as she can reveal many facts about the terrorists. Kabir is worried about Annanya’s safety. Khurana promises to give police protection.
Finally Annanya reaches home. She rushes to Kaya and hugs her, kisses her. Kabir joins them and the three embrace. Then Annanya meets Anita and Arman and cries. She thanks Tarini and Anurag for being with Kabir. Everyone praises Annanya for her bravery and intelligence. Annanya points at Kabir and says, “Effect of good company”
The season ends with Kabir and Annanya preparing for Kaya’s fifth birthday. All the kkn team has come. Anita , Arman, Tarini, Anurag gathers. Kabir and Annanya brings Kaya. Everyone wishes her. And thus the cutest couple of the journalism world are again a happy family.

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Credit to: Upasana

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  1. Firstly, its amazing how you wrapped up in 3 episodes. U are really a very talented writer di

    1. Thank you. But it’s not 3 episodes, its a whole season, I just wrote the summary in 3 parts so that one don’t get bored.

      1. Plz write more frequently.

      2. Will try.

  2. I liked ur 3 day ff very much. …………. The idea was grt. ……………if the writers of reporters season 2 cud have taken ur and reetika di’s concept it wud have been awesome

    1. Oh..thank u!! I’m glad u liked it.

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