Reporters season 2 episode 9


at dr.mehta,s hospital baby as a patient involves dr.mehta in her sweet talks and take shim out o f his cabin that she needs fresh air to breathe ,he goes.Annanya and sunny enter dr.mehta,s cabin and stealthily collect all papers of his fake transplant operation.sunny says that this dr.mehta,s has killed many poor people for an amble amount of money from rich,annany says how can people fall so low.

just then mehta enters ,baby signs she tried to stop him but he forgot his phone.annanya hides the papers and texts baby they have got all don,t worry.
he says who are you?annanya says we are from kkn and as your whole scam is exposed by kkn , he says what scam?annanya says truth can,t be hidden doctor kidney theif.
but that is not all! she wants to know about reports he made for their cheif editor and then sold them.

dr.mehta is astonished with her confidence blurts out all the secret in fear.dr.mehta says please forgive me those reports were unreal..i was given money by vivan mishra to create them,i never knew these reports will turn heavy on me.please leave me.annanya is shocked as in tears . she remninces her fight with kabeer.

sunny holds his collar and ask how dare he can defame my sir,he just loves annanya and that is all.he slaps him hard and ask annanya to slap him two times,one from kabeer,s side also.they laugh and khurana enters .annanya gives him papers and he handcuffs mehta.
after kabeer k sath show ,khalid instead of congratulating kabeer congratulates annanya first.he tells Annanya you have not only helped kabeer to ascend a high level ,you have rated kkn no.1 .kabeer smiles.malvika asks kabeer to gift her something as she deserves alot.manav says and no gift to me.malvika says why would i gift you when you ran away from my house before meeting my father.manav says he was afraid of of kl,s body guards.all share a light moment.

in car on way to home,kabeer stops car and thanks her.annanya starts non stop talking sorry way and cries.. puts finger on her mouth no more sorries and kabeer wipes her tears .he tells her he didn,t make her his bride to let her cry.he says you have unloaded my mind of distress.he kisses her forhead and says no one can separate us.vivan was his college friend he likes to snatch my things but you are the thing no one can steal from me.

at home,annanya while serving food gets call from tinu that he has found the antique piece maker zeus stell,mayy be hac can tell who has got it made on order.annanya ends call and tells kabeer,taruni was murdered and i will give her justice.

PRECAP:zeus tells that the man has a black bat tatoo on his hand,sunny and annanya check the cctv footage of hospital and find the man with bat tatoo is no other than vivan.annanya is surprised now what game is this.

Credit to: Delima

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  1. Delima very good episode dear….waiting for next part

    1. thanku kirti

  2. Which timings reporters season 2 will be in tv

    1. it is a fanfic,it won,t be on tv

  3. Good episode waiting for nxt 1

    1. thanku <3

  4. I am waiting for the next part

    1. it,ll be posted soon

  5. Eagerly waiting for next episode plz post it fast yaar I like ur story sooo much ❤?

    1. you,ll have it tonight.sorry for delay

  6. Pls update nxt one waoting for it

    1. sorry had my professionals so could not post it earlier.i have submitted you,ll have it soon

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