Reporters season 2 episode 8


kabeer thinks that annanya has put a lot of trust in her,how can he be disloyal to her?on dining table annanya is serving food to kabeer for dinner.annanya tries to give him food but he holds the plate saying if she won,t listen to him,he won,t eat.she says but don,t shout as your son is sleeping in his room.he holds her hand and tells her he never knew this.even taruni never told him.taruni while on death bed pointed towars me so i went for a dna test.annanya asks in surprise what?the dna test proved that…! kabeer nods yes .annanya snatches her hand from him and says am going to sleep as i have to bring annurag,s stuff home early before school.kabeer i know it is your past but give me sometime to undestand.
i know it was fate ,but please give me some time.kabeer comes close to her and holds her shoulder as to strengthen her breaks.i am always there for you.take as much time as you want.annanya gives him apple to eat and says don,t love me so much you,ll get fat.kabeer smiles as if he has known his relation is strong.annanya smiles back and goes.
next morning annanya tells herself she has to forget the past and take care of annurag as her child.annanya is packing annuarg,s stuff at his home to take it to her home,an antique piece falls from it.she asks annurag about it .annurag says it is the only thing i have of my father.annanya tells him he,ll meet his father soon.she gets thinking since when did kabeer had an interest in antique pieces.she asks annurag oww your father ,
taruni,s father naw? annurag laughs ofcourse we had same father,but i never saw him .he asks annanya to take him upstairs.he has something to show her.annanya takes him,he shows her a photo.he tells her that is taruni,s husband before her husband divorced her.he was a good man ,i don,t know why did not he came to her last rituals.annurag tells her she used to say am the best brother.why she left me?annanya hugs him and gets thinking why did taruni posed annurag as her brother.when he was her son .just then tinu calls and informs him about a scam in dr.mehta,s hospital.annanya think he was the same man who did kabeer and annurag,s dna test.vivan got the reports from him.there is something fishy.why did he sold report to vivan.what problem he may have with kabeer.annanya says i,ll be there soon and and i want to give you an antique piece to find to whom it belongs?annanya thinks only this piece will tell me whta forced taruni to leave town and name her son as her brother.annurag says lets go have to leave for office.

PRECAP:sunny and annanya reach at dr.mehta,s cabin.annanya says we are from kkn and as your whole scam is exposed by kkn ,she wants to know about reports he made for their cheif editor and then sold them.dr.mehta says please forgive me those reports were unreal..i was given money by vivan mishra to create them,i never knew these reports will turn heavy on me.please leave me.annanya is shocked as in tears . she remninces her fight with kabeer.

Credit to: delima

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  1. apoorva I hope now u understand what is actually happening and taruni was murdered

    1. yes indeed yes!! now i understood
      BTW thanks till now going good you are a very good writer keep it up

  2. Delima thanks finally truth came out……give a kick to this vivan mishra now…..thanks keep updating…..

    1. kirti vivan has a connection with taruni,s murder ,he,ll be out o update when taruni,s murder scene is revealed.thankyou for support

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