Reporters season 2 episode 72


A completely different view of season 2.

The episode starts with khurrana explaining to kabir and ananya about a sketch of a politician who polluted half the population of India over his dirty antics. Ananya and kabir are supposed to find this very person and his team. They find them located at rajdghar and silently tiptoe across the diluted and abandoned shack. Kabir escapes from the politicians while ananya doesn’t. To kabir is shock, he runs back to see ananya lying there full of blood. He is shattered into pieces and enters to take action. He does not do anything bit just snatches the gun and kills the politicians causing him to be on the front page of the newspaper.

To him, ananya is more important and thus tries to save her. KKN loses its number one place because of this, and goes to number 2. The whole KKN team understands kabir is pain, and thus supports him. When the doctor says ananya has slipped into coma for unpredictable days, kabir is most heartbroken along with the others who start to tear.

4 months have passed and ananya regains consciousness. The doctor called kabir to take ananya home. Kabir is most delighted. Ananya apologists to kabir and kabir consoles her. A few weeks later, fit and fine ananya is given a new lead to work on, and it relates to how children sometimes are treated as slaves.

Ananya gets a bit emotional over this and tries to contribute in a way. Powerful and rich possesor of riches in the village, anna raja, is telling girls as young as 6 to work as his slave or others maid. Ananya deals with him.

Precap : ananya is dealing with anna raja when kabir asks her to stop and warn her its dangerous.

Credit to: vivaan

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