Reporters season 2 episode 71


The episode starts with Richa getting a call from office and asking how was the day at office. Richa, jealous and upset ananya did well, says she wants to harm ananya and that unknown voice tells her to kill ananya.

Richa hesitates at that moment, and she starts sweating. She is confused over what just happened, and goes to the doctor regarding this. The doctor says she has a illness called hypotheripia which is basically, talking to oneself over phone thinking its another person.

Ananya is working on a lead and this is a very interesting one. Richa purposely spills coffee on ananya’s data as ananya is gone to the toilet. Kabir notices this and quickly photocopies all the data and called Richa into his cabin. Richa explains everything. Kabir is shocked to hear that.

Rajesh verma, a drug seller, puts drugs into Richa is handbag as she is heading home that day, and the CCTV camera captures it. To the amazement of richa, she is assigned this lead and she is able to do it. All her jealousy for ananya is gone and she even loses her illness.

Kabir ‘s moral gyaan : jealousy is all over the world. You need to be smart and attentive in life to fight over it.

Precap : ananya finds blood trails along the KKN corridor where she finds a body facing backwards. He is wearing a brown jacket and ananya starts to sorry because she thinks……

Credit to: Neerja

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  1. I am sorry to be rude but don’t u have ur own creative mind? Y r u copying my theme?? Richa trying to harm Ananya is already covered in my aberrant 20 episode. So stop ur plagiarism!!!!!!!!!?!!!

  2. Rajesh Verma!!?!! The same name in my episode. U r a meaningless cheater. U dumb fool!!

  3. I think you should call yourself dumb reetika? There was never a neerja or diya it was always me. U see? You just hate me and not my stories. Otherwise in wouldn’t be praising the other articles wouldn’t u? I did this on purpose to make u realise about this fact. No point cursing me because its gonna get u nowhere. Supporters of reetika, no point scolding me too.

  4. Oh come Ananya…it’s u who is rude…..I had a doubt wen ur bro used to promote ur updates in reetika’s ff only….u need to use ur own ideas…

    1. Aparna di, it was clearly a coincidence that I used rajesh verma is name because I dont remember reetika using this name before.

      1. I’ve used it , alright? Keep ur eyes open and mind( if there is any ) open for new ideas. That is why ur ffs r boring. So if u consider urself mature then stop plagiarism and create ur own creative ideas,ok? If u go to school, then ask ur teacher!!

      2. Oh vivaan don’t act too smart….u n ur sis r just hell…..lying n coping….

  5. I wasn’t trying to act smart. What even? And plz I’m staying in my limits because I am younger to you guys. But that doesn’t mean you can say anything you wish. Esp against my sister.

    1. Leave it Aparrna. U won’t even know whether this is Ananya or Vivaan commenting. There’s no point in fighting with these guys. They will come up with any sort of excuse to prove themselves wrong. I thought the TRUE vivaan is much better than his sis but now I guess it’s in the blood

      1. Look, I alr said that those who dont respect me I will not respect them. If they dont respect my sister, then I inviolable not respect them. Its not about blood and whatever. I don’t care if you reply I just want you to get this in mind that you can’t judge a person u have never met.

      2. Yeah u r right. So tell ur sis, this lecture that u r giving us for free.

      3. If any1 would have stolen ur idea, then u would have understood it. How I am feeling. I had already given up fighting with ur sis. But unfortunately, she loves it. So I am not responsible for it

  6. I think now even ananya shud stop. .
    !!!!!! Even if we all try to sort out misunderstandings u just wanna create them …… no one is a supporter of reetika di or u. ……..we don’t even know each other personally ……..we just want to support what is right. …..i don’t know abt others but atleast I think that ways ………I never discouraged u but just try to get better ideas than anyone and prove urself. ………. I am really fed up of these fights of urs

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