Reporters season 2 episode 70


As ananya is walking on the road and thinking about something, a car dashes across and hits her, causing her to fly off the road, hitting her head on the ground. Blood rushes off from underneath and as soon as KKN hears about it, kabir is most shocked.

The lead becomes where is ananya and who hit her. Ananya is told to send the location and kabir and KKN are able to track her. In the hospital, ananya is being operated and kabir forces his way in. The operation doctors push him out as it is not allowed.

Crying, kabir is consoled by richa, baby and sunny. To the relief of everyone, ananya is cured. Ananya, after being brought home, is stubborn to go to office. Manav assigns her the perfect lead for her which the topic is: nethra swaroop khanna ‘s suicide wish.

Ananya, like before she has done, tries to find out the reason of why she is committing suicide from nethra when nethra say that her boyfriend cheated on her and she wanted to end her life. In the end, ananya unite both nethra and sameer together informing kabir with sufficient points to perform a great job in his 9 pm news.

As ananya is doing well in work by getting praises for leads, richa starts to get jealous when she is not equally good in cracking leads.

Precap : richa calls someboy at home and explains everything which happened in office (ananya doing well and all ). We can only hear the man say okay done.

Kabir ‘s moral gyaan : there are two types of people in this world, one winner and another loser. To become a winner, everyone starts as a loser. That’s why God gives you a second chance to become a winner from a loser.

Credit to: Neerja

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  1. Great effort neerja, one thing that I have learnt after writting my own fiction is that a critic is a back seat driver that drives the driver mad so don’t take them on a negative note, be sporty and try to improve till you be the best.cheers for your next episode.

    1. Please Priyanka.. First thing is ‘U’ r never perfect. Cuz only human beings makes mistakes. And the back seat driver and all is nuisance, if I may say so. They never leave back a negative note. In fact, if a driver misses a route, the one in the back seat helps the person navigate the route. U should not write so, if u r disappointed by someone’s negative comments. U r indirectly pointing it out.

  2. A very good try neerja. …………. Keep it up and for reference to how to improve read some updates of other serials so that u get an idea of what the readers want to read and what they like. …ok?

  3. Guys! Did u get to know that the director of mere papa song that gives a tribute to Gulshan Kumar, is none other than Rajeev Khandelwal!!

    1. Omg Whattt???????? ???????????

      1. It’s true Vivaan. Check it out

    2. He is the video director di ?

      1. I am not ur di anymore

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