Reporters season 2 episode 7


kabeer is running on road amidst traffic,shouting her name everywhere.he thinks annanya has left him forever,suddenly a car hits him and he is carried to hospital by roadside people.
annanya is in police headquarters ,she tells khurana that she wants to meet vivan.inspector opens jail railing.annanya question vivan did he keep that file in md hospital record room? and that fake lead was his plan?
vivan tells annanya dear anny you have got me in jail but i really cared about you so i wanted to inform you about your husband and his……oww yu know better.annanya moves back.vivan thinks i may have not defamed you kabeer but i have created a storm in your peaceful life.and in one or two days i,ll be free then see what i have more to give you kabeer sharma.i,ll snatch your soul and indeed your soul is in annanya.
annanya gets call from richa about kabeer,s accident.she is shocked.but richa informs her that it was a minor one and kabeer just got scratches.annanya is relieved she then rushes to hospital.
kabeer is on bed with kkn team all around him.Annanya enters and calls out kabeer.kabeer is happy to see her.he looks at her as he has not seen her for years.all says ehm ehm.dr.says you can take him home.annanya takes him home but she does not talk to him.
kabeer at home says he is sorry.annanya tells him to rest and not to talk as he has to get up early morning to send his son annurag to school.kabeer is terrorised with thoughts of being a betrayer.he says annanya please listen to me.annanya says what is left to listen,i am not leaving house cause i don,t want to stress my mother,she has already bore alot otherwise she had left is not because of my blind love for you .you know kabeer sharma you made me a criminal everytime i see annurag i think of myself as destroyer of taruni,s happiness,she deserved all this and she is dead and am enjoying your love no kabeer should have been ashamed of yourself she bore you a son and you couldnot have been faithful to her and give her your name.she could,t see you with anyone else so she commited suicide but i am her murderer kabeer ,annanya kabeer shrama is no more .we,ll never have a relation of husband and this right was only taruni,s and she could never have it,then why i should take her place for a person who breaks her trust again and again.
annanya tries to leave but kabeer holds her hand.he tells her he was not in senses,he never knew annurag,s father is no one else but he himself.just then annurag enters and ask annanya will she help him in drawing.annanya says sure and leaves.kabeer gets thinking if annuarg had heard him then what will he do?if annanya tells annurag then?what is happening in his life?how will he be able to get her trust back.

PRECAP:annanya is packing annuarg,s stuff at his home to take it to her home,an antique piece falls from it.she asks annurag about it .annurag says it is the only thing i have of my father.annanya tells him he,ll meet his father soon.she gets thinks since when did kabeer had an interest in antique pieces.

Credit to: Delima

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