Reporters season 2 episode 69


The episode starts with ananya being in a happy mood because she saved someone’s life the previous day. On the other side, Richa tries to track malvika from her phone and finds her to be in borivalli street. When Richa reaches the place with enough coverage, she sees blood litreally pouring out from the sides of the boxes, and footsteps on top. It is a very small place with one rusty chair. There is malvika, tied up. With the help of kabir, who had followed her, they helped malvika escape with them. Now this is the mystery :the one who attacked sunny, baby and malvika is the same person. Kabir gets thinking.

It is then revealed that sakshi, kabir ‘s college friend did all this. Kabir and sakshi have a short story : kabir and sakshi studied in the same class until taruni came. Taruni and kabir become best friends, and kabir parted from sakshi. Sakshi wanted revenge, so she killed taruni as well kidnapped baby and sunny and malvika, after researching about KKN. Kabir gets worried what if ananya gets to know about sakshi. As ananya is thinking about something, a car dashes across and……

Credit to: Neerja

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