Reporters season 2 episode 68


Everyone is welcomed into the grand house of malvika’s to celebrate her 30 th birthday. The house has a huge structure with a red carpet layed out for the guests to flow in. Flowers, mixed with orchids and lillies are dangiling from the grand glass steps from two sides.

And there as everyone is settled into the party, malvika makes an entry with her light pink gown with a beautiful diamond necklace and dangling earrings. Her hair is tied to the side (a messy bun ). As manav holds out his hand to bring her down, some people clap. Everyone has a great time in the party and go home.

The next day at office, malvika does not turn up. Surprisingly baby and sunny also dont turn up. Ananya and Richa try calling sunny and baby respectively, while manav tried to get through malvika. The call is unsuccessful and the search begins. Manav assigns ananya this sunny baby missing mystery as a lead and assign Richa to find malvika as a lead.

Ananya first focuses on baby. She goes to baby ‘s house first where she knocks. To her amazment, the door is open. ananya goes inside calling out baby softly. The house is filled with gold furniture, with 3 sofas facing ananya and a long dining table. Ananya finds notes everywhere on the sofas, dining tables, chairs and etc. She reads one note. It says : mudje doondo warna tumari jaan khatre main hai.

Ananya tries to understand who and why she or he could write that. She reads another note saying: jaldi, you have 16 hours to find her, otherwise you will die. Ananya starts finding. She first goes into baby ‘s kitchen where only food products are there in a rich kitchen set up. Ananya finds a note there : balcony me dekha?

Ananya rushes to the balcony where she only finds nicely arranged white round chairs neatly arranged around a glass table with a rose vase on top in the corner. In the middle of the huge balcony she finds a fountain. And a note stuck to it : ohho. Too bad. Bedroom? Next gasping, ananya rushes up the steps to kick open baby’s bedroom which is filled with a king size bed in royal cotton and 2 white sofas in the corner. She puts her feet into the room with marble flooring. She finds a note on the bench before the bed saying :have you ever played lukka chuppi? Come on let’s play now.

Ananya searches behind the translucent curtain and breaks in into the washroom. She sees a bathtub decorated in porcelain along with all the toilet basics. She finds a note on the bathtub saying look around. Ananya suspects bbby is in the toilet when she hears a noise from underneath the tub. There, baby lies tied up in her going to office clothes.

Ananya, with much difficulty pulles her out and tells her to explain the whole thing. Baby says as she was leaving her house, a man with a black man pushed her in and almost raped her when sunny came and shooed him away. Sunny was hit by a stick by that very rapist, and blood started gushing out. Sunny was pulled out unconsciously into the man ‘s den. Baby witnessed all this as she was about to fall unconscious when the man came and tied her up and pushed her under the tub. Along with kabir ‘s help ananya who calls him tells him to help her track that man ‘s den by tracking sunny ‘s phone. They track the location and kabir realises that this is the den that his nephew ‘s friend was trapped in 8 years ago and remembers his name was ramesh babu. He remembers that he killed his nephew ‘s friend and rushes to save sunny with the fear that sunny would get killed. After calling khurrana and team, kabir, khurrana and team, ananya and baby safely return to KKN with ramesh ‘s gang. With phootage proof, Kabir presents a show over these people and how they kill innocent people s life by capturing them and credits ananya and Richa in the end.

Precap : as ananya is in a celebratory mood for saving baby and sunny with kabir and khurrana, on the other side Richa tracks manav s location. A gunshot and a shout of a male is heard near the location manav is. Richa goes in to find manav……

Credit to: Neerja

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  1. The story is quite lengthy. Because of the length, it becomes boring too to read.

  2. Its more like crime patrol lol

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