Reporters season 2 episode 67


Screaming and crying are heard in the office of KKN, when underworld don ramesh shetty holds them captive. A man with a unknown identity makes an entry and he is none other than mr sameer mehta from manav ‘s previous work place. manav has called sameer for help as he is a police officer. Ramesh ‘s men escape successfully, much to the dismay of KKN and sameer ‘s team. But at least now the ramesh problem is gone, KKN can once again be a happy, jolly place.

Happiness does not last so long. Richa just received a transfer letter as a senior manager in delhi ‘s most biggest business. Richa is confused whether to go while on the other side, everyone is persuading her to stay. Richa ‘s father, wanted Richa to own her own business when she grew up, but she was interested in journalism. Leaving all that aside, on the other side, sunny is flirting with baby with his lame jokes while baby reluctantly laughs. She gives an excuse she wants to go to the toilet because she finds sunny pretty annoying.

Malvika and manav make a grand invitation to be invited to Malvika ‘s house for her birthday. As ananya is confused of what to wear, on the other side, kabir finds his 10 year old blazer which shreya gifted him on his birthday. He burns the blazer, making ananya proud. Ananya chooses her maroon long dress with diamond carvings on the sides. She wears to dangling and sparkling earings and 4 inch tall heels. Kabir look as handsome as usual.

I am really sorry if you find this short because I barely had any Time to work on this article. Thanks for understanding whoever is reading.

Credit to: Neerja

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