Reporters season 2 episode 66


The episode starts with ananya noticing blood coming from under a table, and the hand which is shown,has a golden ring on the index finger and silver ring on the 4 th finger. Ananya recollects that she had lovingly adorned the ring through kabir ‘s finger on their engagement day. it was that very ring. Ananya started worrying and slowly went to the table.her body shook as she neared the table. Before she peeped from above, kabir comes and shouts ‘ananya ‘.ananya is relieved to see that kabir is safe.

But who was that? She peeped without hesitation and saw that it was only a peon. Although it didn’t make much of a difference to her, she thought about the peons family and felt bad.

The scene focuses back on ramesh shetty, who makes a unsatisfying entry into KKN. He acts very nicely to the reporters, referring to ananyas gang. Everyone maintains a fair distance from him because they knew that he had some evil motive just like RG.

They were right. According to the plan, they attacked ananya first by placing a explosive under her table. Manav sees that and immediately throws that. He is harmed in the process. When Manav is admitted into the hospital for recovering from his burned skin, malvika blames ananya for his condition. Ananya apologizes and leaves.

The others are held captive in KKN by ramesh shetty ‘s men. Khalid tries to speak but once he is attempted to do so, he is shot in the arm, causing him to bandage his arm. Next Richa tries to speak but one of the men litreally almost molest her by touching the most sensitive part while trying to move her under her table which angers rony. Rony has a fight with ramesh ‘s men, not to show his heroism but actually prove to Richa that he loves her a lot. In the process of fighting, rony gets injured too.

Ramesh ‘s men touches the pagdi of sunny ‘s, which angers him (usually punjabi men do get angry if someone touches their pagdi ). Sunny beats him up so badly that man almost is at the verge of dying.

Baby is enchanted by this and stares at him.

Kabir ‘s moral gyaan : you have to be strong in every step in life, even if you feel you are going to die in the next moment.

Precap : screaming and crying are heard in the KKN office as a man puts in his leg. He is none other than…..

Credit to: Neerja

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  1. Hey neerja! Keep up the good work! Its amazing.. I guess there is completion between you and reetika didi. Well I must say, to your dismay, I find reetika didi ‘s ff more interesting and a fair and equal amount of element of surprise, mystery and romance. I guess you need to improve on that only. Other than that.. Its vv nice.

    1. Thanks a lot. Btw Neerja, u aren’t a bad writer ursleves!! This story is also good

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