Reporters season 2 episode 65


Hi guys, Im neerja and I have been a silent reader since della started writing. Im 10 years old. This is my first ever article so please pardon me if I make any errors.

The episode starts with underworld don ramesh kapadia talking about the ammunition of weapons to his gang members. His motive is to shut down KKN because he has to take revenge from kabir, because kabir got a job in KKN while he stayed as a low position reporter in delhi kranti. After researching that kabir is the business head of KKN, he decides to attack KKN.

On the other side, KKN is having a party prior to richa ‘s birthday. The girls are supposed to be in their best, and make a stylish entry. Firstly comes malvika, in a purple and white strapless gown with a side messy bun and sparkling diamond earrings. Next comes richa, with her blue and pink half dress with her hair open and her dangling gold earrings. Next comes baby, with her pink and yellow Punjabi suit. Lastly comes ananya, with a pink and golden dress. Kabir is enchanted and cannot take his eyes off her. Manav and sunny both cover his eyes and kabir pushes their hands.

The prettiest dress is announced and ananya wins. A romantic music is played and all dance.

The pairs are :
Sunny and baby
Richa and rony
Manav and malvika
Trisha and her husband
Ananya and kabir.
Music plays for a while.on the other side as ramesh kapadia plans to make a shocking visit to KKN the following day, he plans to shoot all the security guards and aim at ananya first so that kabir is broken and weak.the next day at office, everyone teases trisha as she is pregnant once again. As they are giggling away, ramesh kapadia makes an entry with his men and a gunshot.

Precap :after the gunshot, blood is shown from under the table to the persons face is covered. The index finger has a golden ring and the 4 th finger has a silver ring. Ananya recollects something.

Credit to: Neerja

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