Reporters season 2 episode 64


The episode starts with ananya recollecting bulky politician attacking the happy village of borobudur . Ananya ‘s parents then, sonia and viren bakshi are killed. Therefore, ananya loses her life as a child. This recollection is shocking for ananya.

She confronts her mother about this and her mother says that this was not her previous life but her life before her accident when she was 7. The doctor said not to remind her of anything otherwise she could go mad causing in death. Ananya is shocked and shares this with kabir who is equally shocked.

Next day at office, pertubed ananya is working on a lead. Rohan shetty and siya shetty, children of underworld don bahadur shetty are reportedly announced to be selling drugs in mumbai. After tracking their location of them selling drugs, annnya dresses up as an old woman and pretends that she owns a banana shop right next to the place where they are selling drugs. Annnya inserts a microphone which she can track through her phone into a banana and gives it to the duo, just saying that no one wants to come to her shop so she is going around giving bananas. They both deny and ananya purposely drops the banana under the table. Everything is recorded clearly and soon after that, khurrana and KKN arrive at the location and arrest them.

They then realise the whole plot. Ananya is praised for her smartness.

Precap :not decided

Credit to: Diya

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  1. why short epi??pls update big pls

  2. It’s nothing. Ur leads r completely boring! No suspense, nothing at all. It’s better if u give up.

    1. If I really wanted to give up, then I wouldn’t have even started. So please.

      1. ‘U’ would not have started? So is it ‘u’ who’s publishing the stories by the name Diya?

      2. Umm no? This is diya here. I alr said didi that I would be commenting under vivaans account.

  3. Come on didi, you can trust me that much? Vivaan is not online. Its just me. Everything I type, everything I publish its whenever u see the name vivaan on really updates with that pink design on the side, its me. Just because neha didi says that I’m not diya but vivaan u believed her. Kya didi? That’s all the trust u have in me?

    1. No no. But u said u will write the name Diya and comment using vivaan’s email id. That’s what u did Na in previous episode so I thought. And usually u write in the end: it is Diya who’s commenting..

      1. Nope I didn’t do that because neha was so against that.

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