Reporters season 2 episode 63


I burst out of our room complaining about a bunch of papers in my hand as my wife, ananya serves me fragrant coffee. I smile and say that she knows how to handle me in the morning.

We both get ready for office, and leave the house and when we reach the office, the whole office in a celebratory mood. Balloons and banners are nicely placed decorated across the room saying happy anniversary kabir and ananya. Kabir and ananya had complete 1 year of their marrige already. Now what they were waiting for was a newcomer.

Khalid and manav come out of their cabin to wish them and ananya and kabir are shocked to see the preparations without their knowledge. Richa, rony, sunny and baby come up to hug ananya and kabir to wish them a very happy anniversary where Richa gives a embarrassing photo collage for ananya since childhood.

Ananya gets a lead, where she is saddened to see the situation of small poor children involved in the attack. Ananya remembers something, which she can’t remember she was involved in. The scenario which ran in her mind is related to the lead she just worked on.

Ananya goes to the physiatrist where she asks what she was imagining. The physiatrist says that that was her previous life, and she was one of those children.

Precap:not decided.

Credit to: Diya

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  1. Nice story Diya!!

  2. nice story…by the way where is ananya!!!

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