Reporters season 2 episode 62


Hi guys, I’m really sorry I keep on changing the context and not follow the precap. But, I dont wanna screw up, so, here it goes…

I walk into office as my wife, ananya stares worriedly at rony. I rush to her desk and asks her what’s the problem when she says rony’s mother passed away just last night due to a cardiac arrest. I am taken a back as I walk to console rony. Ananya then holds my hand, denying me from talking to him. I make a face and go to my cabin. At the conference room, unaware about the death of rony’s mother, manav tells rony to edit a show on cardiac arrest which he gets automatically affected. I see that ananya signals Richa to take over the editing. Manav confusingly agrees.

Shreya then makes an unpleasant entry into KKN.she goes to rony and gives take condolences to him. Ananya and I say that there is no need to support him when already so many people are there. Shreya gets offended and leaves. Ananya shares with rony she knows that honest feels to lose a loved one in a sudden manner and feels sad after remembering her father ‘s death. Rony and ananya hug and I see that and get happy at the fact, rony will always be there for ananya as a friend.

Rony feels much better after spending time with richa. Ananya and I sit at the table behind rony and richa facing their backs and see them romance. Ananya and I try to control our blushy laughter. Ananya gets a lead. from tinu that a child has been kidnapped in a village. She immediately leaves with sunny. Ananya reaches the destination where she gives me a call. I instruct her to save a child who is fighting to live and she is able to save the child. When the mother of the child finds the kid, she hugs him happily while ananya imagines the mother as her father and the kidnapped child as the younger version of ananya. As ananya is still on line with me, she tries to cross the debris, which is almost impossible to. She finally jumps into the can and returns to the van and reaches office safely.

Precap :I will be copy pasting this very precap.

(unpredicted because every episode will be amended through the comments). To avoid disappointment that I didn’t follow the precap, I have written this down. Thank you.

Credit to: Diya /kabir sharma

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  1. Have u written this in coordination wid Priyanka?

    1. Nope. But yes I have got the inspiration from her. Actually I didn’t really mean when you said narrate the characters, so I did this. Message from diya.

  2. Better one

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