Reporters season 2 episode 61


Ananya is sitting on the swing outside the office thinking about what she has gone through in life while I burst out from the doors, talking about a new lead. I am ananya ‘s best friend nisha, who has just joined KKN. Ananya comes out of her dreamy state and jerks as I explain an interesting lead on political corruption.

Ananya explains the details and teaches me how to follow on a lead. I follow up and complete my first ever lead efficiently. Unaware to the fact that ananya is married to kabir, I start whining over his strict attitude. Ananya says softly that he is like that at first but later he will get better and he is my husband so better watch out. I bite my tongue and rush off into the office.

I bump into manav, who I find really hot, but unfortunately he is engaged to malvika mam, who is really stingy and grumpy. When I see manav my eyes are hearts and I can’t speak. I bump into manav and I directly convert into love mode. Manav gives a confused smile and walks over. I give myself a hit on the head and rush into office.

I get confused over where is my seat and I can’t seem to find anyone I know. Sunny comes at my service, and baby, who I suppose to be his girlfriend gives a jealous grin, and I blink my eyes at sunny to signal him baby is jealous. Sunny runs back to his seat. I walk up to khalid sir ‘s office where he is complaining over a pile of documents over the phone. Khalid informs me where I need to sit and I move out. Finally I bump into kabir sir, who is searching for ananya, obviously now I know his wife and I tell him where she is. He thanks me and rushes past me. I smile and walk to my cubicle. I set up my cubicle with pictures and sticky notes along with my laptop on my table and phone.

I feel really drowsy after a while, so I plan to get a coffee. In the cafeteria, I meet handsome rony and richa, who I suppose are dating because they have their hands clinged onto each other. Rony and richa offer to have coffee with them. I agree and we move off to sit on a corner table. Baby, sunny and kabir, ananya come to join us.

As I’m walking back, khalid makes an announcement that he is getting married. I get happy and clap as its a usual thing to congratulate a person who is getting married. But this was a very unusual case. Everyone was extremely shocked. Khalid says I’m joking and everyone sighs and gets back to work. I just behave as if nothing happened and get back to work.

Manav calls all of us to the conference room where he gives me a new lead to work on. I smile and quickly get started on my lead

Precap :I get started with my lead when an unknown identity to everyone makes an entry. it is none other than my ex -fiancè. I get very displeased with that

Credit to: Diya

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  1. A message from diya – hi guys, considering reetika didis commented and feedback that I could be a narrator, I have put in most of my effort to bring to you an enriching and bubbly experience of how nisha, spends her time in the office. If you find something a bit weird you are open to display the comments and I would make the following changes in my next ffs. Tks.

    1. I am grateful that u did follow my advice. But I meant that u mention about Kaya’s life and not urs! Cuz we as audience is interested in Kaya’s life as they r the protagonists. So make the changes in ur next episode..

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