Reporters season 2 episode 6


annaya reaches kkn with baby and richa .kabeer asks about lead annanya does not Answer him and goes straight to khalid.they talk for a minute.and then khalid asks kabeer to get ready for show and sends sunny with annanya .kabeer asks about it khalid tells him he must concentrate on his show as kkn will be left the only no.1 channel after it.he asks richa to attain a live broadcast from sunny and annanya.
vivan mishra is on desk with some papers ,thinking that today my stupid rival channel will loose its glimmer because both kabeer and annanya will know it is not a lie but they don,t know it is my game and his technical manager says show starting in 3…2…1
just then annanya enters his green room with reporters from all the other rival channels,security and other reporters of 365 channel try to stop them,but they start raising slogans .vivan is boggled.sunny starts live broadcast,annanya reports we are here at a name sake channel who is accused of making reports of self created incidents,lets question their cheif editor about it? vivaan says my channel is only displaying what is truth.annanya says but these people want to say something else.
a footage is played on screen behind vivan mishra.he is washed in sweat.vivan is shown giving money to some people around a city cafe.he asks them to ignite a fire at fashion ghar sardars shop and they should be seen by no one.goons assure him.the fire starts and in minutes all the clothes are turned in to ashes.
then the reporters of 365 channels are shown talking with family of sardar atsardar,s residence,they tell them these are the only things he had and now he request government to help him otherwise he,ll die.
vivan tries to speak but he is stopped by inspector khurana and he is arrested on screen.annanya tells these are not the only deeds he has done by foul.there are many others but kkn,s only motive is to expose what is wrong not to tell every bit to add lemon and spice to news.
kabeer in end of his show thanks ananya kabeer sharma for live broadcast and the city cafe owner for his cctv footage without him,it would have not been possible..if whole india is like him,then no one will be a criminal.
kabeer is called by khalid in his cabin,he congratulates him for success of show.he informs kabeer that kkn would not have been to this level without annanya,he tells kabeer about defaming trick on him by vivan.he was going to show his affair with taruni.kabeer loses his senses and rushes out to meet annanya but she is found nowhere.
PRECAP:vivan tells annanya in jail my dear annie may be I did wrong to make my channel level high you have got me in jail but i really cared about you so i wanted to inform you about your husband and his……oww yu know better.annanya moves back.vivan thinks i may have not defamed you kabeer but i have created a storm in your peaceful life.

Credit to: Delima

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  1. yaar delima plz kaya ke beech ke misunderstanding create mat karna plz its a request aur uss old man ko kabbeer se expose karva do
    ek dout hai anurag toh tarani ka bhai tha na toh aap usko tarani aur kabeer ka beta kyu bana rahe ho??
    and plz add more kaya moments
    a humble request

    1. yes I have shown it cause in previous episode taruni mentioned someone else as his father who was behind kabeer at that time in hospital,annurag is her brother but dr.mehra manipulated the situation in which taruni left the house to look as if annurag is her son and to shed off people,s comment she added him as her,ll shown soon u,ll understand ,it,ll be clear in episode 8

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