Reporters season 2 episode 59

The episode starts with everyone getting shocked at mr sudhir kashyap entering KKN. Mr kashyap explains that he never died and was only severely injured. Then a young girl makes an entry, and mr kashyap gives her the credit go save his life. The young girl introduces her as ankita, and she said she studies in national university of Delhi. Ananya remembers how much she shouted at kabir and broke off the relationship, and because of her stubborn attitude how rony had to go away from them for a while.

Mr kashyap directly goes to Mrs kashyap and ananya and explains why he had to do this. It goes to a flashback where mr kashyap was severely injured and ankita had come to save him. She admitted him into the hospital where he did a operation. The doctor said that mr kashyap had slipped into coma unpredicted when he would recover. 5 years after the incident, mr kashyap woke up and decided not to return to his family, leaving a note that he is committing suicide and leaving them to think he is dead. Then he generalized after 3 years, that nothing is happy without his happy family and son in law, so he decided to come back.

Ananya goes to kabir and says sorry. Kabir says its okay and both hug. Jaisa mera tu from happy ending plays.. (chorous ). Ananya works on a lead where politicians are involved. She is able to crack the lead and kabir does a joint interview with three arrogant ministers in his 9pm special news.

Trisha announces that she is pregnant with another child and everyone congratulates her. Malvika asks khalid that everyone is marrying and having their own kids. What about you khalid? Khalid makes a fake laugh and says do not sorry about me sweetheart, I will manage. Think about you. Malvika smirks and walks away. Manav announces a meeting and everybody goes. Ananya shares about an interesting lead based on water shortage in several countries and and how we can stop wasting water. Manav agrees to the lead and she starts working on it. Richa says that she has gotten a lead which is based on fake devotions which Manav agrees on. Ananya gets a call from the unknown number and that unknown number tells her to meet him at a particular place. She informs kabir but kabir denies saying there will be no kabir sir to save her from danger. Ananya smiles and just leaves.

Kabir ‘s moral gyaan :when the challenges are massive and are full of dangers, when there is a storm in the mind and anxiety in heartbeats, when there is no hope and a feeling of fear, the only motto which will work is I can’t fail.

Precap :ananya gets into trouble again after going to that location and kabir tried to call and track her.

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  1. Sorry to say, but i didn’t quite receive this article well. First thing, in season 1Kabir himself said that he saw Ananya’s dad being murdered. So it can’t b possible that he came back! Its illogical. I loved ur previous articles but as i said in someone else’s article too, dat u guys r NOT showing reporters involved in cases, that too in detail. If u remember, Ananya and Kabir both were thoroughly involved in cases and dat used to take up the whole epi displaying in detail how they catch criminals/murderers. Do tell me Trishita ans Maithili if i am wrong….

  2. And going over previous epi written by Ananya, i guess the music in chororus is something of her episodes. Is it Ananya who is writing by the name of Diya? Diya, if u rlly r der then pls do comment and lemme noe if i said anything wrong. I don’t wish to hurt any1 now

    1. Reetika di, dont get me wrong but diya is my school mate. So, for starting her ff she took some references from ananya Didi’s ff. Diya s ff wouldn’t be so crappy.

      1. Well its ceratinly not. But i don’t think i liked this article. Well she can do much much better.

      2. If Diya was ur school mate then y did ur sis email her? She shud have known her no., right?

      3. Nope.. Actually diya doesn’t have a phone. So didi feels a bit weird talking to diya’s sister or her mother.

  3. I think reetika di is right …… I mean we shud continue1 lead for at least 1-2episodes in detail. ……as how they cover the story together. ……..we are moving away from the actual name of the story. ……….the name is ‘reporters’ but we are including other stories instead of news and journalists trying to cover the stories overcoming difficulties. ………….what do u think reetika di

    1. True. That was my point.. Rightly said

  4. w gls did an awesome job,i loved my fiction being continued in an amazing way by such talented writers.priyanka,annanya n reetika.loads of love <3

    1. Hw did u noe it was priyanka too who contd. the ff?

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