Reporters season 2 episode 58

The episode starts with ananya waking up and not finding kabir next to her. When she is not able to find him and turns to look outside she sees a small note on a tea tray with a cup of on it. Ananya ready it aloud, “my dear wife, I had to go on a conference in Canada under a short notice in the morning so I had to leave without telling you. Sorry. “Ananya gives a blunt smile and gets ready for office.

When she reaches office, she sees that the whole office is decorated with flowers and balloons with a big banner stating happy birthday ananya. Kabir comes down playing the violin to the tune of happy birthday,which shocks ananya because one, she really thought he went to Canada and two, since when did he have the talent of playing the violin.

Mrs kashyap, anurag and keval are standing in one corner, while the whole kkn wishes ananya a happy birthday. Ananya then remembers its her birthday and in the period of tackling leads, she forgot it was her birthday.

Ananya is denied from working that day and just enjoy in office, which she resist to very much, but sunny and Richa take all her work. Ananya gets a call from an unknown number, and she is tempted to go, obviously because she wants to work, but everyone denies because they dont want her to go into a situation when they were with madhav nath.

Everyone teases her that kabir is not following her this time and there will be no kabir to save her or protect her or even carry her if she is injured. Ananya angrily says that “okay, all of u make fun of me. Not a difference. Hm! ”

Everyone laughes. Ananya goes to her cubical where she looks at her papa ‘s photo, she looks at him and says “papa, I’m turning 29 today and you had promised me that you would be there. What happened to your promise papa? “she cries and asks him. Kabir comes and hugs her consoling her. Anurag comes to ananya and asks ananya for chocolates. Ananya smiles and gives him.

Precap :ananya, Mrs kashyap, anurag, kabir and the rest of the KKN, stand back in shock when they see that mr sudhir kashyap is alive.

I won’t be writing very frequently didi ‘s and bhaiya ‘s but, I will try my best.

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  1. It’s ok diya. ….u write whenever u can

  2. Its okay d. You can write whenever you can.

  3. its ok diya…u can write whenever u want…

  4. The story is awesome! I mean, being 6 yrs old u’ve imbibed the talents and skills of 12 or 13. Keep it up! And..
    PS: even if u won’t b able to write ur article everyday, its ok. Its unimaginable to read a MATURE article from 1st std.

  5. You are 6! Cannot believe it! Lovely writing!!!

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