Reporters season 2 episode 56

The episode starts with kabir and ananya reaching home and finding out that rsdikha and riya are not in their cots.Worried kabir and ananya,report about them to the police,where they find them.Kabir and ananya are relieved.

Richa and rony are sitting together in the cafeteria which makes karishma,who is sitting from far,jealous.Baby and sunny come to karishma and distract her by their usual lame jokes.

Ananya works on a lead relating to a girl,nandini who is 13,and is forced to work at the age she is supposed to study,just because of her poverty background.After following up that lead,ananya gives the information leading to a perfect 9 pm news by kabir prior to that.

Kabir and ananya share some romantic moments in the cafeteria.Kabir says”i have been noticing that you have become very unromantic nowdays.”Ananya says”really?when i said this what did you say?”kabir says what and their usual sweet fight start.

Khalid announces that KKN has become the best news company in the world,causing a party.The usual excitement is there when the girlfriends of the respective men in KKN make an entry with their glamourous gowns.

When ananya is choosing her dresses,she comes acrosses a golden and pink dress and remembers her engagement.As their partners make an entry,everyone impatiently waits for ananya especially kabir,and there she makes an entry with the exact make up on her engagement day.

Music plays(the music that was played when ananya hugged kabir after kabir defused the bomb in ep 102.)All dance with their partners.

Richa tries to make rony jealous by dancing with puru and rony dances with karishma to make richa jealous.


Precap:ananya finds out that some terrorist have set bombings in certain places and hopes to defuse them by 48 hours,which is the bomb timing.

Credit to: ananya


  1. Reetika

    Ananya, the story resembles the reporters season 1. U are continuing from my episodes,and I have already shown kkn party and all. There’s not much new element in ur story

  2. trishita

    I agree with you reetika di. ………ananya u can create a plot with ananya ‘s babies now of their kidnapping and how kabeer as a father is worried as well as with business troubles and the look alike of tarini turns a villain

    • Reetika

      Ananya, instead add some other melodramatic twist to the story. Anisha and all those characters playing the role of bad guys is outdated. Try something fresh, start all over again and add funny jokes of Khalid and Sunny to lend a good story. Romance hote rehta hai, leads ko repeat mat kar, duniya mein hazaro problems hai, think about them and write. U will get a huge support then for ur ffs.

  3. trishita

    But u can make her a permanent villain. ………..mera matlab hai ki woh jail se chhoot jati hai and then tries to harm kaya and their families

  4. ananya

    I’m so sorry guys actually I was caught up with my studies so I didn’t have time to write up 57. I will try writing one and submitting one today.

      • Reetika

        That surely wasn’t a compliment. U have dragged MY story to shit!! Radhika, Riya and all that nonsense. Listen to one thing, u can never match me! And as i said, u don’t noe me!! U first need to have creative ideas before writing ffs and that i am sure u don’t have

      • Reetika

        I am Not ur bro. Thank God! Have mercy on Goldie Behl and Srishti Arya! Bye bye. Hope never ever to c u anytime soon.

      • ananya

        Omg… What’s gotten into you..why are you being so rude suddenly.? I have no problem if you want me to stop writing and I have no problem if you or anyone else would like to continue. But just remember. I can be rude too but I chose not too. If I find anything harsh on me, I would directly reply back rudely. I know you’re not gonna be scared Reetika, but I’m just warning you so that you don’t go out of you’re limits.

      • Reetika

        Don’t u show my limits, okay? U immature, rude, arrogant lady. First of all learn to write stories amd then think about ffs, okay? And oh yes! I am rude, y? What will u do? Put me to jail or send me to cyber crime? There also ur heights of silliness will he reflected cuz i have neither hacked ur account or sent u threats. And i dont CARE, okay? Do whatever u want to do. U’ll be rude too, aye? Lemme c

  5. Reetika

    And by the way i asked u not to talk to me, u fool! So whatever u want to comment , don’t reply for mine. Reply for others comments. In my earlier message, i did say stay away from me but now too i say it,…. STAY AWAY CUZ I AM NEITHER INTERESTED IN U OR ANY OF UR STUFF.

  6. Radhika

    Hey, Reetika? I have been reading the harsh comments that you have been giving Ananya here and don’t you think it hurts her. So please mind your language. You may reply rudely to me too, but I really don’t care. I’m much elder to you, so you wouldn’t be disrespectful. I hope so. So stop behaving rudely to Ananya.

    • Reetika

      I know its Ananya and no Radhika or so, y do u need to act as her savior? Did she think about me? What will happen to me, if she hurts me? No she didn’t, she used me! Don’t u noe how it feels when someone whom u regard as ur friend uses u and then throws u like a waste in dustbin when the job is done? She used to lie me, she thinks i am a fool not to understand it. She cud have said she doesn’t intend to talk to me or so. Y a lie? I hate liars, and i hope u understand it. By the way u r no Radhik but Ananya using a different name, the profile is the same! How dare u!

      • Ananya

        I’m not using the name Radhika. Why would I? And by the way how did u use u? What job did I have? Huh? I Rlly thought we could become friends you know, but I guess, ur stupid and immature behavior has Rlly brought it to the end. I tried explaining how busy I was, but I guess you went out of route. Thanks for everything. But you could have avoided the harsh comments on telly updates

      • Riya

        There’s no Radhika wanna c? And how dare u call me immature, u , ur friends and ur ff, r highly immature. Thr wotld u live in is build up of immaturity, and don’t u ever say friends, cuz friends r always different. And sleeping doesn’t reflect busy life. U sleep at 6 and again sleep at 10? U think i shud believe that u fool, stupid and idiot!!

      • Reetika

        And dare u call me stupid asshole u will die in hell and not heaven. Prove urself smart, u loser, always get less marks. Ur friends rightly call u 2 faced cuz u r. Becquse of ur shameless, irresponsible attitude u r losing ur friends u dumb character! Forget about Rajeev, ur identity is equal to that of the beggars on the street

  7. Kritika

    Hey Reetika !! Cool down…I m a big fan of ur fictions….plz start writing again….btw wen r ur exams getting over??

    • Reetika

      Nothing has happened. I guess u have ur exams and ur in 9th? 9th is comparatively more difficult than 10th. So all the best to u and me for our exams!!

  8. Priyanka

    You both have been in an argument for so long that now I have to speak first of all fan fiction is just a medium of sharing one’s thought about just one favourite program and not your place of fighting and so people are more interested in reading your ffs rather than your grudges so basically it makes sense only as far as one is debating on the idea of ffs. So please you both handle it out in your way. PS I am making a general comment as the reader of this ff.

    • Reetika

      Its not what u r supposing to b. And u r right. Its not ethical to fight on a website. And u noe what! I really don’t care

  9. Reetika

    Hey Aparna! Thanks a lot for appreciating my ffs. I dunno i don’t have ur message displayed here but its visible to me through my another email id.

  10. Natalie

    Hey! I am a new member in this ff. I read the ffs of early episodes and not to sound too offending but I must say that Ananya, ur ffs r comparatively more immature than Reetika’s. And Reetika, pls pls continue with ur ff. I agree with Aparna. I am waiting..

    • Amyra

      I agree. Reetika pls continue ur ffs. I don’t know y but somehow when I read ur ffs I feel that I am really watching reporters. The love sequences with new angles in their leads is a very important reason for ur ffs becoming more famous. Even I wait for ur ffs
      PS I know ur exams r going on but whenever u r free, don’t forget to update us with ur ffs!!

    • Amyra

      And yes Ananya,it seems u have dragged on the same story as in reporters season 1. There’s nothing new in ur stories. No clear dialogues, explanations,love sequences or jokes. I feel ur ffs r not at all nice. U need to improve a lot. I’ve been a silent reader but now I thought is the time to reveal the truth of ur ffs,Ananya

  11. Reetika

    Oh my God!! Thank u so much Kritika, Aparna, Natalie, Amyra and Rohan for ur valuable comments. I never thought i had so many ardent followers of my own ffs. I will surely start with my ffs as soon as my exams r over. Till then maybe, i will have to keep u all guys waiting.

  12. Ananya

    Thanks for your honest comments guys. I didn’t feel offended Natalie. Amyra I understand how you feel. Maybe my ffs are highly immature, or it might be a carbon copy of the contents of romance and jokes from season. Hi rohan, you could be nicer, but its really ur opinion. I’m sorry for boring you guys with my immature and boring ffs if that’s what you call it, and I’m sure reetika will do a better job, and reporters will get a lot of followers I guess. Thanks for your support Trishita and a bunch of others who are silent readers and not commented yet, or k forgot your names. Sorry. Thanks for your support. It was a great experience writing.

  13. Amyra

    I guess if u would have got it understood earlier, this long fight would not have taken place. Anyway, there’s a lot u can do to improve
    But i didn’t like the way u called Reetika’s ff as highly immature and rubbish.

    • Rohan

      I agree. And who was it who was writing the ffs oj btwn. On the Valentine’s day, i thought some superb thing will happen. What was that Rg being Ronnie’s father?

      • Ananya

        Excuse me amyra, you may be older to me, but you don’t know me, so you have no right to Judge upon my character. Thanks for being so rude.

      • Amyra

        What rude have i said? Look here. I am not interested in fighting wid u. And everyone here is free to voice out their opinion. Instead of saying that i am hurting u, say so that u r angry because we r the followers of Reetika’s ff and not urs.

      • Ananya

        Look amyra, I’m not angry that you are retina’s followers. In fact I’m very happy for her. I just didn’t like the fact that you commented on my character. Its okay if you voice out you’re opinion on my ff, I really don’t. Mind, but commenting on my character was a bit too much. I hope you understand.

      • Reetika

        Amyra is like my Buddie. If u say anything rude to her, i swear i won’t leave u. I thought u had some basic manners to respect elders but i guess that’s not it.

      • Ananya

        Look reetika gaikwad, you have no rights to comment on my character and I know whether I respect elders or not. You are no one to me to judge me, so plz. Amyra and you are just 2 years older than me, so please don’t try to make the elderly thing such a big thing. I think I know who to respect and how much respect they deserve. Its really up to me. So please mind your mouth. I’m trying to stay in my limits, because ur comments have been agitating. Just remember one thing. You don’t me, you will never know me, and next time, an advice for the same of humanity, plz think before judging people whether they have respect for elders, but just think how much respect they have for you. Got it?

      • Amyra

        Basically the problem with u is that u r not ready to accept that fact. U think ur ffs r much too good(not at all in my opinion). So u need to respect that. I am older than u r and u need not tell me whether i am right or wrong.

  14. Natalie

    If u would have understood it earlier this long fight would not have taken place. I didn’t like the way u called her ffs as immature and rubbish.

    • I agree. I thought Valentine’s Day will be more special. Who wrote that episode btw? I call that one as the highly immature story. How can Ronnie be RG’s son? That did not make sense at all

  15. Natalie

    I agree. Valentine’s Day episode was so rubbish that I till now regret having read the episode too. RG being Ronnie’s father does not make sense at all

    • Reetika

      U r so correct Natalie. Thanks a lot for appreciating me and speaking out my point. I’ll make sure i don’t include such damn stories in my ffs.

  16. Amyra

    So sorry. Btw i noe Reetika very well. She lives next door. Soo i used her email id. But this is Reetika who has said it. I am 17 yrs old

      • Reetika

        Oh god Amyra! U shouldn’t have done that. Anyway, thanks Aparna. Actually what happened was that me and Amyra were using the same cell to post our messages and by mistakely she entered my id.

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