Reporters season 2 episode 55

The episode starts with ananya confronting rony about RG’s reveal of truth.Rony says,”tumm..ko…k..k..kese pa..tha… hala?”Ananya asks whether this is true.When rony says yes,ananya is shocked.

A few metres away from rony and ananya,karishma is staring at rony.Baby pops her head in and says,”kya hena karishma ji,aap badi changi ho,lekin rony paaji na teri jese sadak chap ladki se thodi na ishq karega.Richa ki thara achi,kaasi,changi ladki keliye ishq hai.So,interfere karna band karo ji.Okay ji?”she says and leaves.Karishma grunts and continues staring at rony.

Ananya and kabir are sharing some romantic moments when khalid barges into kabir’s cabin saying,”kabir,yeh saare papers ko sign karna hai.Mr mehra iss papers ko kal lejare-oh!umm..maine aap logo ko disturb kiya?sorry..accha main baath me aaonga,tum log jo bhi karrehehthe karo okay?bye.”khalid says and leaves there smiling.Ananya and kabir laugh

Malvika and manav too are having some romantic moments when khalid barges in and says”manav,kabir busy tha so yeh papers sign karo abh-oh!tum bhi?”he asks.Manav says tum bhi?khalid explains that kabir and ananya were also romancing.Malvika laughs and says,”khalid,pura office ko,ek girlfriend ya boyfriend hai aur tum?tumko koi girlfriend nehe hai?she asks.Khalid says no girl has ever impressed him.Malvika and manav continue laughing while khalid leaves,blushing.

Ananya gets a lead on a location where an LPG bomb blast has taken place,where she finds a 4 year old kid,named anya,who is badly injured.Ananya goes to save that child,and is successful in doing so.

Prior to that,kabir gives an excellent summary on anya’s case in his 9 pm special news.When kabir and ananya go home,they find radikha and riya missing,and get worried.

Precap:Ananya and kabir go to the police station,where they find radhika and riya safely kept.The police officer said that someone had entered the house and kidnapped the babies but luckily some lady caught the kidnapper and brought him to the police.Ananya and kabir are relieved as they take the babies home.

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  1. Can any one tell me what died captcha in this article submission thing means

  2. I mean does instead of died

  3. The romance quotient could have been more. Anyway, it was good

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