Reporters season 2 episode 53

When everybody is about to go to the hospital,richa comes to office unscathed to shock of everyone.Richa laughs and says that i wanted to see the expression of your faces so i played a prank on you.Everybody jokingly scolds richa and hugs her.

Richa is working on a lead when rony asks her for coffee.Richa says why not go with karishma.Rony says that he knows richa more that karishma and forces her in a joking manner to come to the cafeteria for coffee.

Kabir and ananya have some romantic moments in kabir’s cabin and are about to kiss when malvika barges in talking about a conference with another news company,KCC,she realises that she broke the romance and says sorry.She turns around,smiles and leaves.

Ananya goes home to check on the babies,where radhika goes missing.Ananya gets worried,and searches all over the house.Then she finds radikha on the side of the cot and sighs and sign of relief.

Baby,sunny,richa,rony,puru,karishma,ananya and kabir are having dinner when baby cracks a lame joke.She says what do you call a security guard who guards a samsung galaxy?she replies that guardian of the galaxy.Everyone gives a fake laugh.

The next day at office,ananya is working kn a lead and solves it.Prior to that,kabir presents the news in his 9 pm special news.

Karishma requests a lift home to rony which he agrees to.This makes richa jealous and to take revenge,she makes sure that rony sees her and goes with puru.This jealousy problem is noticed by ananya and kabir and they try to make all of them friends.After several tries(a series of comedy),all four become friends,not dating eachother.

When kabir and ananya reach home,they play with radhika and riya for a while and then go off to sleep.

Precap:Ananya and richa are working on a lead together.While they are doing so,they are both kidnapped and the person who is the kidnapper is none other than shreya and RG

Credit to: vivaan


  1. Anshara

    wow… what a twist ab kabir aur Ronnie hero waali entry honi chahiye jaise films mein hota hai…. shreya aur RG ko ka villain style thoda zyada episode tak chalaiyega…

  2. trishita

    the makers of reporters part 1should continue with our story. …….it is just gonna be awesome then. ….what do you say reetika di?

    • Reetika

      That would be for sure. We would be able to c the plots visually and feel their essence of love. I bet it should start. By the way, have you signed the petition in that link I sent?

  3. Reetika

    Guys, there’s still time. Don’t waste your time. Please sign the petition of reporters season 2 so that we get another round of spectacular series with the same characters

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