Reporters season 2 episode 52

Khalid announces a party for ananya and kabir’s babies.During the dance,puru offers a dance to richa while rony offers a dance to karishma.Richa gets jealous that rony is dancing with karishma instead of her.Puru wants to be in a relationship with richa again,while richa wants to be with rony.

Over the next few days,rony feels attracted to karishma due to her bubbly attitude.Karishma is given a time slot to present a 6 pm news,and while rony operates the show from the room,he starts to like karishma and asks her out.Karishma happily agrees.On the other side,ananya goes to see on radikha and riya,and plays with them for a while.She goes back to office where she sees rony sitting in the cafeteria alone.She goes to him and rony shares that he is confused.Ananya consoles him and goes to work on a lead she is given.

Ananya works on a lead relating to 2 children,one aged 11 and one aged 6 who lose to their parents in a car accident.She gets emotional over working on the lead.

Kabir follows up the lead and presents his 9 pm news.After work,kabir and ananya are sharing some romantic moments when baby and sunny come into their car and request KaYa to drop them home.Kabir and ananya happily agree and drop them.After reaching home,mrs kashyap leaves after saying bye to ananya and kabir.

Kabir and ananya spend some time with radhika and riya,and then go off to sleep.The next morning,it is heard in the news that richa has met with an accident.

Precap:everybody rushes to the hospital after hearing that richa’s condition is critical.

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  1. The plot is good but don’t show too many hospital rounds by many of them. Ananya herself has been to the hospital many times so plan accordingly. Otherwise, everything is okay

  2. nice episode vivaan….. kya writer bane ki taiyaari chal rhi h…. kaafi ache scnes sochlete ho …. by the way episode thoda sa bada kar dena aage we kyunki aadha ghanta and this is about 20 minutes….

    1. Thanks for ur motivation didi.i will try to lengthen my ff.

  3. nice episode vivaan….. kya writer bane ki taiyaari chal rhi h…. kaafi ache scnes sochlete ho …. by the way episode thoda sa bada kar dena aage kyunki vo aadha ghanta aata tha and this is only about 20 minutes….

  4. What is this ??? After every 2 episides , somebody gets hospitalized …… The story has been a little interesting from this episode bcoz the episodes in the past were very very very very boring ….. Pls try to make them long…. They are very short

    Pls forgive me if i said anything that hurt u ….

    1. I am sorry but does that include my plots also?

      1. No no …. I doesn’t include ur fan fiction reetika … from the day u left ….. I didn’t enjoyed the fan fictions

      2. Pls u continue the fr ……….. It is my humble request from u

    2. I will try cancelling richa’s hospital round in thr next epi

    3. So i guess i should stop writing?u dont like my ffs?u can openly say so if u think so.i wont be hurt nor sad.

    4. Aaliya. .is this u my li’l sis??

  5. Fine thanks Aaliya. I will continue after my exams get over. It will be done by 21st March and that day itself I will start writing. I will make sure I earn up to everyone’s expectations

  6. Not ofcorz not vivan we really like dont stop:-)

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