Reporters season 2 episode 51

The episode starts with richa not allowing ananya to go to office because she needs to rest.Richa goes to make cofee for both,and that is when ananya tries to escape from the window.Richa comes when ananya is about to go down with the help of a ladder,and she pulls
ananya up,and scolds her like a mother does.

Ananya says that she wont drink coffee unless richa allows her to go to office.Richa smirks and says okay,dont drink.Ananya grunts and drinks her coffee.Richa smiles after seeing ananya from the corner of her eye.

Ananya goes to check on the babies,and both are crying.Ananya handles radhika while richa handles riya.Both babies cry for a while until they drink milk and they sleep nicely.Ananya remembers her childhood and remembers how her mother and father used to take care of her when she was a new born.

Sunny,baby and rony come to visit ananya and play with the babies for a while.Ananya tries to indirectly convince baby but baby warns her jokingly not to trick her.Baby cracks her lame joke and everyone fake laughs at it.

When kabir comes back,he checks on ananya as well as the babies.Ananya hugs him and kabir hugs her back.Next day at office ananya requests her mother to come take care of the babies while ananya is at office.

Everyone enquires about ananya’s health and she says she is fine.She is given a lead to work on on how children are forcefully sent to work as domestic helpers in several houses.Ananya feels bad for 8 year old maya,who is treated very badly by the family she works for.She tries to save maya and is succsessful in doing so.

Connected to that,kabir speaks about maya’s case in his 9 pm news which is as usual,praised.When a gujarati sweet boy,puru comes to work as a new intern in KKN along with karishma,another new punjabi intern comedy starts.

Precap:It is revealed that puru had a past relationship with richa and has come to rediscover their lost love all over again.

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  1. nice…. puru richa ke liye aaya h aur karishma Ronnie ke liye…. hahaha… kuch scences radhika aur riya ke bhi daliyega aage episodes mein……

    1. Sure didi.

  2. What is this? I mean do you call it an episode. I an sorry I must say that the plot is too offbeat. Please stop boring us in the name of reporters. See people have stopped even reading this.

    1. U could have said this in a nice way u know .im only 8 and i never got a chance to writr a story before,so im just trying.i dont watch reporters,its just that ansnys didi watches it and i learnt it.priyanka,itna rude hone ke liye zarurat nehe hsi.

    2. Priyanka he is just in 2nd std. Then too he has managed to write well. Maybe it might not be up to the mark, but he has put in sincere efforts in place of his di. I hope you know that ananya was writing these earlier ff, cuz she came up with an accident, he decided to continue. Otherwise, everything is okay

      1. I hope I didn’t hurt you

  3. Ronnie had to sacrifice his love for Richa like in previous episodes. So will he burn like fire from within on seeing Puru and Richa’s chemistry?

    1. Most likely…but both will because i have introduced karishma for rony..

  4. Apoorva Ramaiah

    No one had stopped reading this its just that i’m a silent reader
    and keep t up vivan proud of you
    and how is annanya doing?

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