Reporters season 2 episode 50

The episode starts with everyone having dinner together.Kabir,thinking he is sitting next to ananya,grabs her hand and to his shock,its actually baby.Baby cracks her lame joke.Everyone sheare a hearty laugh.

Ananya is nitting clothes for her babies when she hears a loud thud of the door.Knives fly in and ananya shouts.Kabir comes running out and pushes ananya to the side.Kabir asks whether she is okay which she replies she is fine.Kabir calls the police,and goes to the door,where he finds out that some kashmiri terrorist had randomly attacked at their house.Khurrana and his team arrest the terrorist.


ananya is in labour and kabir is getting worried outside the hospital room.Ananya finally gives birth to two beautiful and cute twins.When kabir comes in to see the babies,he kisses ananya’s forehead,folowed by kissing the baby’s forehead.They have a small cute fight over what to name their kids.They finally decide on radhika and riya.

Everyone comes to the hospital to see the babies.They all play wit it. Everyone congrajulate kabir and ananya for becoming parents.Ananya is discharged soon,and the four of them go home.Ananya excitedly mutters that now she can go to office.Kabir says that no still u r not allowed to beacause u just gave birth.Ananya grunts and lies down.

Kabir packs his bag beacause is going to singapore for a conference along with malvika,khalid and manav.He calls richa and tells her to keep an eye on ananya while he is gone.Richa happily agrees.

Precap:Richa doesnt allow ananya to go to office(comedy)(up to didi if she can continue)

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  1. Hi vivaan! Ur plot is good! But the terrorist who hit in would not be standing at the door to get arrested. As soon as he hits, he could have fled, right? Anyway, keep up the good work!!

    1. Oh sorry di !but thanks for ur encoragement!

  2. nice… how r u know ananya di di ???

    1. Im her sister…

      1. By the way,im using her phone so her name is coming but actually im typing.

      2. Sister, vivaan?

    2. Anshara di,im vivaan here.i dont have a phone of my own so im using my sister’s sister is ananya.clear?

  3. ok…. aur update kyun nhi kar rhe hain vivaan…

  4. Congratulations to REPORTERS SEASON 2 for completing half century ………….!!!!!!??

    I wish it completes half century, half century times again

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