Reporters season 2 episode 5

kabeer says yes and promises her.he says to himself that deep inside he is himself not sure of truth,next day annanya gets ready for work and asks kabeer to take annurag for school.a man about 65 is shown giving money to dr.Mehta for false reports and claps for his acting,he says he was going to expose me,now i,ll expose him.Tell tinu that you have a lead for him at m.d hospital .kabeer then goes to kkn with and richa sympathise with him about taruni,s death.khalid asks kabeer about exposure of 365 channel black deeds.kabeer says it,ll happen for sure. tonight in my show i,ll show his sins to world.he makes the scenario happen and then is reporting wrong news about his self created incidents.annanya says sins and lies can,t be hidden for long,kabeer gets thinking.on the other side the man smiles and says but first my channel will expose you.he calls his 365 channel team A and ask them to go to taruni,s house and collect some photos of her and kabeer to show on his channel.he starts laughing in an insane manner.annanya gets a call from tinu.she informs kabeer about a kidney racket lead at …she is about to say name of the hospital M.D but just then manav enters and asks kabeer to give him some tips as he is going to meet my to be father in law at dinner.kabeer and annanya laugh heartily . kabeer leaves with manav. annanya goes to sunny and he prepares himself as a patient and takes baby as his wife and annanya as his sister.while they are in hospital room annanya slips and goes to hospital record room to check kidney patient files,she checks all but everything seems fine.she thinks may be someone has put wrong lead for distraction.she puts all the files back and then she sights a file placed as to come in her eyes on table.she reads it as kabir sharma.she opens file and a police report falls from dates 12 years back she is shocked.the police report says kabeer sharma was found heavy drunk in a cheap lounge( where drugs were sold)on way from a college farewell party,a woman was seen with him before raid by police but no one could say who was she,cause she fled away and was never found in town.annanya thinks that annurag is of the same age.she is in tears,breaking down to pieces and every piece shouts shreya was right.
Then she leaves with baby and sunny .she tells them that the lead was wrong ..may be a rival channel says vivan mishra may have know about our hard to hard exposure on his channel.
At oficce tinu calls annanya and tells her that vivan mishra is going to expose kabeer,s foul deed but he couldnot make up what deed he was talking about? Annanya remembers what she has just seen in file.
Annanya thinks to herself that it was not kabeer’s fault,he must not be in senses because the kabeer i know is not a womanizer,she thinks of a way to stop everything first then she,ll ask kabeer about it and she is his wife ,she has to put trust in him.and first ask him.

PRECAP:vivan mishra is on desk with some papers ,thinking that today my stupid rival channel will loose its glimmer because both kabeer and annanya will know it is not a lie but they don,t know it is my game and his technical manager says show starting in 3…2…1

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