Reporters season 2 episode 49

In the morning, Ananya prepares breakfast for Kabir. When she wants to reach the top container of food, she feels a great strain in the abdomen and squeals. Kabir rushes towards her and asks, ‘What happened dear?’. When Ananya narrates, then Kabir says, ‘I told you. Take complete bed rest, don’t strain urselves much. In this period, it’s necessary that the mother and the child must have good health. So, I will prepare everything from now on’. Ananya says, ‘I agree Kabir, but what will I do? I will help u no matter what’. Kabir rejects, ‘No Ananya, I’ve agreed to almost everything of u. But these 8 months u cannot do hard work. Promise me’. Ananya accepts.

Kabir is busy preparing breakfast when Ananya is sitting next to the sofa and watching Kabir. Being bored, she gets up and goes towards the kitchen. Kabir is about to say why did you come here? when Ananya says, ‘I can stand Kabir. I am bored sitting alone’. Kabir holding her cheeks says, ‘No darling u don’t have to. Cause breakfast is already ready. So,..’. He holds Ananya’s shoulders and guides her towards the dining room and makes her sit there. He brings in the tasty bacon, croissant and bread – jam and feeds Ananya. They both share an eye lock when finally Ananya says, ‘U take so much care of me’. Kabir says, ‘U r again and again saying the same. Think about it:I am going to be a father! How excited I am to have amazing children from brave wife!’. Ananya blushes.

Kabir reaches office and goes to Richa’s place and says, ‘After ur show is finished, can u pls take care of Ananya. I have called a sister to look after her, but she wishes to go early home’. Richa says, ‘No problem sir.. Sorry Jiju’. Kabir smiles and leaves. Baby, Sunny and Ronnie goes near her, overhearing the conversation and says, ‘U will not go alone. We will come too’. Richa replies ‘I was not going to leave you anyway’.

Ronnie, Baby, Sunny and Richa are sitting next to Ananya and Ronnie says, ‘Ananya Kabir ke bacho ki ma banne waali hai..’. All start laughing. Ananya replies, ‘That’s true. I am excited too. I want it to be a girl. Girls are sweet and smart’. Richa and Baby says, ‘We agree. They are more sensible and are ahead in almost every aspect of life’. Ronnie disagrees, ‘It is not so. Men are no less. They are intelligent and kind. More importantly, they look after your extravagance…’. Richa throws a pillow at him and says, ‘Ronnie it’s not so. Girls are better than boys’. Ronnie disagrees saying boys are more better and they all start fighting. Ananya calms everyone, ‘It’s okay guys. Be it a girl or a boy, both are equally talented. I will raise them to face the truth and make them brave’. Sunny says, ‘Wo toh tere khoon mein hi hai’. Ananya smiles and Kabir enters overhearing them and says, ‘That’s true. U don’t have to worry. Out of all the individuals I have met, I never saw anyone as brave as u’. Ananya blushes. Kabir smiles looking at her and then he says to all, ‘Come let’s have some dinner together’.

Precap : Ananya is knitting a sweater for her babies when she hears a great thud on her door..

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  1. nice episode…… pr plzz ab ananya aur babies ko kuch mat kariyega plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Of course! I won’t do it. Actually Ananya is not well so I decided to continue, for just a brisk period

  2. Hi reetika….nice update….wat do u do?? Ur updates r kind off more mature…exciting track going on

    1. Thanks Kritika. I am in 10th std

      1. All the best reetika

  3. Why what happened to her?

    1. Some glass table fell on her head. She is still critical. Do tell me if u r not happy to me continuing the story

  4. Apoorva Ramaiah

    what a story!! i must say tough i’m a silent reader n read all your episodes but its high time to comment i love your ff and i’m really attached to you and your ff

    and yes hope annanya gets well soon

    1. Thanks Apoorva

  5. reetika di di aap hi update kariye bahut acha update h…. n I will a for ananya

    1. Thanks Anshara a lot but I am in 10th. I have board exams so I cannot continue. Only till ananya does not feel better

  6. But how to sign in?

    1. Just click on this link, read the details and click on the option sign this petition

  7. Guys it’s high time. No replies from ur side. If u all love reporters, then prove it. Please please please sign the reporters season 2 petition, so that instead of simply reading ff, u can actually see the better version visually.

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