Reporters season 2 episode 48

The episode starts with the gang starting to think of methods of how to save ananya by getting the money.Richa says that she will sell her old dilapated house which she used to live in.she says that house costs at least 1 crore and they might get a profit back.The gang does the following procedures to sell the house.After selling the house,they have sufficent money to save ananya.They go to the given location and are attacked by raj’s men when khurrana comes and arrests raj.Richa is shocked to see ranveer getting arrested and then he blurts out that he is not ranveer but raj and the real ranveer died.Richa and the others are dumbstruck.They bring ananya out and bring her to office.Everyone who was at office,is relieved to see ananya unscathed.

Ananya is given a new lead to work on.It is about young girls who are forced by their parents to get married.Ananya calls tinu to get more information about the number of cases.Tinu shares that 13 year old amrita kaur was forced by her parents to marry a boy who was 24.There is also a case where 11 year old mahek khan was pregnant because her parents marries her into a wealthy family when she was 9.

Ananya feels bad for the children and offers to help out part time at an orphanage.Then there is a 1 year leap,where ananya is pregnant again with twins.She is 7 weeks pregnant and has certain difficulities doing some things.Kabir does not allow her to strain herself.

Precap:ananya gets annoyed that she cannot do most of the things.

Credit to: ananya


  1. Cookies n cream

    Dear no one gets pregnant at nine years… your plot is nice but please worl on how you present it..!please don’t take offence I don’t mean to hurt

    • ananya

      Umm…im sorry i dont know ur gender,because u just typed cookies and im just gonna call u di/bro.I think u made a typo error.u can have a lot of babies in 9 years!i think u meant 9 months.well,thank u for ur comment,at least i appreciate that u actually commented.i will surely work on the way i present it.

    • Cookies n cream

      Okay I misunderstood it… and please don’t take offence you are very sweet… and I am a girl!:) I just love this username a lot :p

  2. Sreshta

    Ananya a girl can’t get pregnant when she is 9 or 11 as it’s early the girl didn’t even enter her puberty so you can’t just disprove science in fiction

  3. Anshara

    par anisha ko toh police ne nhi pakda ……. uska kya hoga aur ….. ab plz ananya ko hospital mat bhejiyega ….. kuch prblms kabir ke pass bhi aane chahiye….. aur ab kuch bhi ho babies dikha dijiyega kaya ke …..

    • ananya

      Okay anshara.sure.anisha was supposed to be arrested maybe i didnt write that ofcourse,even i cant wait,for kaya to have now in delhi,and i dont think they will accept my article because its the CNY period and also i will write my next epi on wed bcs im in delhi for a wedding until wednesday.yapp.

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