Reporters season 2 episode 47

The episodes starts with kabir meeting ranveer and both hugging eachother after seeing eachother.Anisha stares at ranveer and signals him to come to her.Ranveer walks towards where anisha is standing.Anisha passes a gun in ranveer’s hands and says that remember he is not ranveer who is richa’s brother but he is raj,who wants to take revenge because kabir and taruni fell in love with eachother during college times and the real ranveer is dead.Unaware to this fact,the whole office,treats him like a very important person.

Richa is walking to kabir’s cabin when she sees raj and anisha talking.Richa walks towards them and anisha and raj start on another topic.Richa just ignores and goes to kabir’s cabin.There in kabir and ananya are romancing and are about to kiss when richa comes in with a lead.She aplologises for disturbing and blushes and leaves.

Ananya and kabir get embarassed.Raj calls ananya from a unaware number to meet her in a specific place as he wants to aim at ananya.Ananya informs kabir and kabir says he wants to follow her.She agrees and both leave.When they reach the place,ananya is shot at her leg and kabir rushes her into the car.She goes to the hospital where she finds out that she lost a bone and she needs to wear a metal articifical bone for 5 years and has to be on crutches for 3 weeks.Dissapointed by this fact,ananya starts crying.Kabir consoles her.After a few days,ananya goes to the place which raj told her to go to,and is confronted by raj.She says’arae ranveer tum,tum yaha kya karreheho?’.raj replies that he is not ranveer but raj and tells him the whole stories.Ananya rushes in her car to tell kabir but raj kidnaps her and puts her in a shack where his men are guarding.Kabir and his group get worried about ananya’s absence.Kabir gets a call from raj that he has ananya and to meet him with 50 lakhs in the given location.

Kabir is worried how he would get the money.

Precap:richa,sunny,ronny,khalid,malvika,manav,kl all contribute to save ananya.

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  1. ananya pr har baar musibat kyun aati hai…

  2. Pls don’t show Ananya getting hospital rounds. It has been a number of times that she has visited hospital. It’s as is its her home! And u didn’t mention how Ananya was shot in the leg.

    1. Im sorry anshara.I needed something to write to lengthen my story snd i didnt have anything in sorry!

      1. It’s okay

  3. OK… I’m agree with retetika

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