Reporters season 2 episode 46

The episode starts with kabir and ananya sitting on the sofa and ananya confronting him about anisha.Kabir starts that him,anisha and taruni were best friends in college.He shared how anisha and him were in a relationship when taruni entered college and kabir fell for her.When taruni found out about kabir and anisha’s relationship before she came,taruni hid anisha in a field where she could never get out from.Ananya says that when she met anisha,anisha said that she was lost in a field.Kabir states that he told anisha to tell whoever asks.kabir continues that when anisha woke up,she escaped from the field and after many years,she found taruni and murdered her.Ananya is startled at the fact that taruni did not commit suicide.Kabir continues that when taruni was murdered that night,he met anisha and anisha threatened Kabir that she would harm ananya.When kabir shares that he shared this with rony,rony decided to cancel his marrige with richa after finding out anisha’s plan.Ananya,now completely dumbstruck,asks how many girls has he dated in his life.kabir acts to count for a long time and ananya throws a pillow at him.They both get into a pillow fight and share a hearty laugh.

Next day at office,anisha turns up.Everyone is shocked to see a look a like of taruni.kabir explains that she is taruni’s twin sister,anisha.The whole group welcome her.anisha goes to kabir’s cabin with ananya and tells him not to remember the past and start afresh.

They both agree and smile.A unknown man enters KKN and has a unpleasent welcome.The unknown man is supposed to be richa’s brother,who went missing at the age of 3.He goes to richa’s table and says a phrase that richa taught him when he was young.Richa remembers that time and hugs him.Richa says that this is my brother,ranveer.Everyone is happy to see richa and ranveer together.

Precap:Ranveer and kabir were childhood friends and hug seeing eachother.

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  1. nice,but anisha negative role play karenge ya ranveer… but nice secret aur suspence laiye ananya please…… and what about the baby of kaya…

    1. Hi anshara and piya,this is a reply for kaya’s baby.ananya just had a miscarrige if u read my previous episodes,and there needs to be a gap between ananya getting pregnant again and her miscarrige.msybe i will take a leap,and ananya is pregnsnt again.

  2. Yes I also want the baby of kaya in your story. And it will tweens ok.

  3. It was a nice one. If Anisha is a negative character, then y did Kabir bring her to the office? By himself? And if she was Ananya’s enemy then Rony would not have wished her, right? But other office mates are not aware of Anisha being a enemy to Ananya?

    1. Hi reetika.actually kabir didnt bring anisha to offfice.she came herself.And just not to be suspected by other collegues who dont anything about the relationship of kabir and anisha,he keeps quiet

      1. I c. I can’t believe Kabir fell for Anisha. Anyway a great story to work on

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