Reporters season 2 episode 44

The episode starts with anurag arriving and ananya getting happy over seeing anurag.Ananya asks how is he here and he lies that he missed her so he came to meet her when in reality he came to distract her from her sorrow.

Kabir,richa,rony,baby and sunny are saying that this plan will work when ananya overhears it.She asks what will work and everyone is shocked to see her and stammers.Ananya walks forward and asks again what will work.Kabir,richa,baby,rony and sunny say different things at the same time which anaya hears and gets confused and asks what.Ananya ignores and goes from there.The whole gang sigh a sigh of relief.

Malvika who enters with manav says that their marrige is tommorow and everyone should attend.Everyone claps and wishes them congratulations.The following evening when people are gathered at malvika’s house,kabir and khalid are talking.Kabir says,”dekho khalid,pehele trisha ki shaadi phir mere shaadi phir malvika ki shaadi,tum kab shaadi karoge?”khalid sarcastically says no girl impresses me.They both share a hearty laugh.

Ananya is talking to richa when there is a gun sound heard.Everybody gets worried and starts to run.One person accidentally locks the door thinking everybody has escaped,and ananya is stuck inside.The room is full of fire now.Kabir,sunny,baby,richa,rony,malvika,manav,khalid and KL are standing in a circle,relieved that they are all safe.When kabir realises that ananya is still inside,he rushes to save herbit by the time he does,ananya is unconcious and burnt.She is rushed to the hospital.After a few hours the doctor says she is out of danger and she can be taken home the next day.

Kabir takes care of ananya when she is back home because she is quite weak.The next day at office,malvika and manav apologise for the inconvience the day before and apologises especially to ananya,who is still recovering from her burns.Ananya gets a call from a private number,telling her to meet her at a particular place at a particular time.

Precap:Ananya goes to the place where she finds out taruni is alive.

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  1. Oh god now how tarini get alive???

    1. Piyali if u dont want me to make taruni alive,then tell me i can change it.

  2. Ok I m waiting to see how can get tarini alive

  3. hi.
    I guess that it is not be suitable to make tarini alive. Infact make it a bit more thrilling like usig a look alike of tarini to get the property of anurag and kevel or something like that.
    What do you all say about this idea , plz comment

    1. Okay sure..thanks for ur suggestion umar.

  4. no, taruni is a good person don’t make her like this….

    1. Yes I agree. and pls do not make any problem in kabir and ananya’s personal life.

      1. No there will be no problems in kaya’s life.ananya supports kabir when he shares this and not be immature and fight with him.even i dont want any probs in kaya’s life.they would fight in some episodes but thats purely factual because husband and wife fight regularly.

    2. Make her like what?im just bringing back her character in a different way and thats good right?

  5. U could have described in detail how anurag spent time with Ananya

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