Reporters season 2 episode 43


The episode starts with ananya getting a lead over cases of miscarriges and getting sad.She works on the lead,remembering how the doctor told her she lost her baby.

Rony,richa,baby,sunny and kabir plan how to distract ananya from what she is going through.
Rony suggests that they should host a party,an unforgettable one and when ananya asks why,they would say that it is just as friend’s gathering and no special reason.Richa objects by saying that what if ananya disagrees to come.Everyone agrees with her.

Next sunny suggest that they go out on an unforgettable trip that would make ananya forget if what happened to her.Baby objects by saying that ananya would not forget because outside many people might be pregnant,or may be with babies and she would feel bad.

Everyone sighs when kabir gives an idea to bring anurag back from vivaan,just for a few days so that ananya will feel better.Everyone gives a blunt smile and agrees.

Kabir gives a call to vivaan and explains everything and asks whether he can bring anurag to delhi from pune.Vivaan happily agreed and brings anurag.Kabir tells richa,rony ,baby and sunny that vivaan is coming with anurag and everybody gets happy.

Vivaan and anurag arrive at kkn and ananya is elated to see them.

Precap:ananya asks anurag how come he is here.Anurag lies that he came to see her(when actually he came to distract her from her sorrow)

Credit to: ananya

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  1. Guys..ive put in a lot of effort to think of attractive ideas so pls dont be silent readers and comment pls.

  2. plot achha hai……. ? continue ananya

    1. Thanks trishita.

  3. hi everyone.
    ananya, as far as I remember, nurag was with kevel and not vivaan.
    Nevertheless the plot is awesome. Please continue to write……

  4. i also asked it before what was Ronny and richas relationship yar say me plz.whether the relationship continue

    1. Sravs,i would like to continue it as rony still think some danger is going to befall ananya and he needs to save her.thats why he even stopped his marrige with richa in ep basically,i will not continue their relationship but maybe in future i will like in ep 50 and so on..MAYBE ONLY.

  5. Um yeah. Vivaan was the bad guy. Keval was a good one. He took Kabir to pune as per Della’s ff

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